About Swedbank in Lithuania

Swedbank is one of the leading banks in the Nordic and Baltic region, with 7.2 million private and around 700,000 corporate clients. Nearly half of our clients are in the Baltic states.

We help people with all their banking needs, from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones. We follow a simple, open and caring approach in communicating with our clients and providing services to them.

We understand that Swedbank plays an important role in the local community. Therefore, our key objective is to help our clients, shareholders and the Lithuanian society in securing and maintaining sustainable financial wellbeing.


Those interested in Swedbank’s financial health know that we keep a strong balance sheet resistant to market fluctuations through daily and targeted risk assessment and management. In this way, we benefit not only our shareholders, but also clients, the society and employees.

Swedbank operates in Lithuania together with the following subsidiaries: Swedbank Life Insurance SE Lithuanian branch, Swedbank lizingas, Swedbank investicijų valdymas, Swedbank valda, Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Lithuanian branch and Kortelių skaitytuvų paslaugos.

Swedbank AB in Lithuania is part of the international group Swedbank AS. This group company is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. For more information on Swedbank Group, click here (information in English).

  • Key events in our history

    Swedbank’s History: Key Dates

    The roots of Swedbank stretch back to 1800. Over the centuries of existence, the bank has shown continuous development and growth. Only one thing remained unchanged: the public need for a sustainable and reliable financial partner.

    Key events in our history:

    In 2009, Hansabank in Lithuania changed its name to Swedbank AB; 

    In 2001, Hansabank purchased Lietuvos Taupomasis Bankas by becoming its controlling shareholder;

    In 1999, Hansabank opened its doors to clients in Vilnius for the first time;

    In 1996, the Hansabank Group established its presence in Lithuania;

    In 1991, the Hansabank Group began establishing Hansabank branches in the Baltic states;

    In 1990, Sparbanksgruppen financial group was formed;

    In 1940, the savings-bank symbol – oak tree – was created;

    In 1900, the Swedish Savings Bank Association was founded;

    In 1820, Sweden’s first savings banks came into existence;

    In 1800, Berndt Harder Santesson founded a savings group for the workers of one of his glassworks.


  • Dovilė Grigienė

  • Chairman of the Board, Head of Administration Board
  • Remy Salters

  • Head of Finance Division Board
  • Dainius Vilčinskas

  • Head of Competence Centre Corporate Board
  • Eugenijus Preikša

  • Head of Credit and Operational Risk Division
  • Loreta Lapinskaitė

  • Head of Channel Management
  • Antanas Sagatauskas

  • Head of Corporate Customer Division Board
  • Jūratė Gumuliauskienė

  • Head of Private Customer Division Board

Swedbank Management also consists of:

  • Kęstutis Vanagas

  • Head of Communication Department
  • Milda Autukaitė

  • Head of Human Resources Division
  • Mindaugas Morkūnas

  • Head of Legal Division
  • Vytautas Danta

  • Head of Compliance


  • Charlotte Elsnitz

  • Chairman of the Council, Head of Baltic Banking
  • Tiina Sepa

  • Head of Baltic Banking Legal, Member of the Council
  • Priit Perens

  • Group Credit
  • Jan Micheal Fecko

  • Head of IT Services, Member of the Council
  • Björn Mikael Elfstrand

  • Head of Group Savings, Member of the Council
  • Dainius Vilčinskas

  • Head of Baltic Competence Center Corporate, Member of the Council

Baltic Banking Management Group

  • Charlotte Elsnitz

  • Head of Baltic Banking
  • Dovilė Grigienė

  • Head of Swedbank in Lithuania
  • Reinis Rubenis

  • Head of Swedbank in Latvia
  • Robert Kitt

  • Head of Swedbank in Estonia
  • Ģirts Bērziņš

  • Strategy Director of Digital Banking
  • Andres Tukk

  • Head of Baltic Banking Competence Centre Private
  • Dainius Vilčinskas

  • Head of Baltic Banking Competence Centre Corporate Board
  • Neve Hõbemägi

  • Head of Baltic Banking Communication
  • Tiina Sepa

  • Head of Baltic Banking Legal
  • Signe Lass

  • Head of Baltic Banking Human Resources
  • Lennart Zetterfalk

  • Head of Baltic Banking Risk
  • Johan Tjernell

  • Business Information Officer for Baltic Banking
  • Jon Lidefelt

  • Chief Financial Officer of Baltic Banking
  • Nicole Pluntke

  • Head of Baltic Banking Compliance
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