Equipment leasing

Equipment leasing

High-quality equipment and special machinery is important for your business development!

  • We finance up to 85% of the acquisition value of an asset.
  • No additional collaterals are required, since the financed asset is the main collateral.
  • The repayment schedule may be adjusted according to the seasonality of your business.
  • You may use the guarantees provided by the European Investment Fund.
Purchase amount
Down payment
Monthly payment

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Flexible solutions

Our long experience and wide selection of products enables us to offer you the best solutions. We offer new and used commercial vehicle assets leasing.

Contract information in the Internet bank

You can find an overview of your leasing contract in the Internet bank.

General Conditions

Financial Terms and Conditions
  • Financing of new and used agricultural, warehouse, construction machinery and production equipment.
  • Financed asset value: from EUR 8 000.
  • Asset age at the end of the contract: cannot exceed 12–17 years (depending on the type of asset).
  • Down payment: from 15%.
  • Contract term: from 6 months to 5 years.

Requirements for clients

  • Continuous economic activity and solvency;
  • Result of economic operation shall be sufficient for developing the company’s operation and for making credit and lease payments;
  • Clear vision of the company’s future.

Documents to be submitted by corporate clients

  • application for funding (sample form provided by Swedbank Lizingas, UAB);
  • A copy of the company CEO’s personal identification document (or power of attorney for the person authorised to sign the contract or a copy of personal identification document);
  • A copy of balance sheet and profit and loss statement of the previous economic year endorsed by the company’s CEO;
  • A copy of balance sheet and profit and loss statement of the last reporting period endorsed by the company’s CEO;
  • Description of the property desired to be purchased or a document proving the price/value of property (purchase and sale agreement or a commercial offer by the car seller).

Correctness of details shall be approved by a signature of a person who is entitled to endorse them.

Documents to be submitted by farmers

  • application for funding (sample form provided by Swedbank Lizingas, UAB);
  • Financial documents such as VAT return, farm ledger, balance sheet or other financial reports, as well as documents that enable evaluation of the client;
  • A copy of a personal identity document;
  • A copy of a farm registration certificate;
  • A copy of a VAT payer’s registration certificate;
  • A description of required asset or a document supporting the asset value (a trade agreement or a commercial offer).

If required, Swedbank Lizingas, UAB may request for additional documents (a copy of the Articles of Association of the company, a copy of the document on the assignment of the CEO, authorisations, business plan, report on valuation of property to be purchased drawn up by property valuation agencies acceptable by Swedbank Lizingas, UAB, certificates of the State Tax Inspectorate on indebtedness).

Types of leasing

Financial lease

This type of lease allows you to become the owner of the property after the end of the lease period, when the entire amount of property acquisition price, interest and VAT are paid.

Operating lease

The principle of the lease transaction: a leasing company acquires property that is desired by the client and transfers it to the client for use before the established date. The client pays lease payments during the contract duration, and when the contract expires the property can be returned to the leasing company, the lease agreement can be extended or a new contract can be signed for new property.

Information regarding potential risks

Improper fulfilment of your financial obligations increases your funding costs and can negatively affect your credit history; moreover, if the agreement is terminated due to a material violation on your side, forced debt recovery may be launched and in case of leasing agreement you may lose not only paid premiums but also your ownership right to the pledged property.

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