User rights administration

Manage your company’s accounts without leaving the office desk.

Administer the Agreement of Electronic Services in Ibank.

  • Manage your employees Ibank rights
  • Change account limits
  • Review the effective agreement

User rights administration on the corporate internet bank enables you to:

  • Review and print the effective agreement, amendments to the Agreement, and an excerpt of user rights;
  • Add and remover users;
  • Change daily and monthly limits of the accounts;
  • Grant new rights, also revise, revoke, withdraw, and suspend the user rights;
  • Set and change settings for “All accounts”;
  • Set an overchecking limit.

The Agreement on Electronic Services may only be amended in the Corporate Ibank by the head of the company*

If the head of the company wants to authorise other company’s employees or other persons to amend the Agreement or change the client’s limits, or quantitative representation has been set forth in the register of legal persons, the head or his authorised representative of the company must come to Swedbank branch and make the necessary amendments in the Agreement on Electronic Services.

Important. The head of the company or another user who has the user rights administration right may only confirm his actions by using a personally issued qualified electronic signature (mobile signature, personal identity card or USB provided by State Enterprise Centre of Registers) and Smart-ID**. Amendments become effective immediately upon signature. Further information on the electronic signature is available on page ID tools and security.

Do you need an advice?

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* Companies managed by heads who act on the basis of quantitative rather than sole representation or which do not comply with other requirements set by the bank cannot use the opportunity to amend the terms and conditions of the Agreement in the Corporate Ibank.

** If Smart-ID account has been created using any other ID tool than Mobile-ID or ID card the user may only confirm the operations if the represented client's monthly operations limit does not exceed 20.000 EUR.

User rights administration right

Where signing the Agreement of Electronic Services at the branch of the bank, the company manager or his authorized representative may grant the user one of the following user rights administration rights:

  • read information about the Agreement in the Internet bank, prepare user right settings and amend the Agreement;
  • read information about the Agreement in the Internet bank, prepare user right settings and amend the Agreement with the acceptance of a second user who has the right to amend the Agreement;
  • read information about the Agreement in the Internet bank and prepare user right settings;
  • read information about the Agreement in the Internet bank.

Important. The company may have more than one user having a certain user rights administration right. It can only be changed at Swedbank branch by signing the Amendment of the Agreement of Electronic Services.

User profiles for main transactions

Preparation of payments Account balance and statement All operations All operations and agreements
Preparation of payments
Consolidated payment contents view
Information about balances
Information about transactions
International payments
Defined payments
Securities transactions
Currency exchange
Reg. invest into funds-regular
Initial public offer
Regular investments into funds
Domestic payment
Application sending to bank

In order to facilitate the user rights administration functionality, we invite you to familiarize with the following terms and definitions.

Glossary of key terms and definitions
Client The account holder specified in the Agreement, by this Agreement granting the right to the User to perform the Operations via the E-channels or to carry out other actions specified in the Agreement.
User A natural person specified in the Agreement authorized by the Client or a person entitled by the Client to perform the Operations via the E-Channels. The User and the Client may be the same natural person. The User may be a person who has no Account with the Bank.
All accounts Information given under “All Accounts” functionality explains the restrictions and profiles for each new account opened following the conclusion of the Agreement of Electronic Services for that account.
Client’s limit Client’s daily and monthly limits specify the total amount of funds to be transferred by all users from all the accounts of the client via all E-Channels over the respective period. Client’s limits must be fixed, if the user rights administration right functionality is chosen.
Account limit Daily and monthly limits of the accounts are specified for each user individually and prescribe the amount of funds to be transferred by a particular user from the specified account via the specified E-channel over the respective period.
Overchecking by phone Payments made by a user via the E-Channels, which exceeds or equal the limit set, will not be performed automatically and will be subject to an additional control by calling the contact phone specified by the client and requesting an additional oral confirmation.
Consolidated payment content visible A user can see consolidated payment in individual amounts. If a client requests to restrict the use of consolidated payments or a user, the option “Consolidated payment content visible” shall be deselected for each account (assigned to a user). In such case a user will see consolidated payments on the Corporate Internet bank only as a single row with total amount.
Double acceptance Having specified that one user requires double acceptance as of the indicated amount, the transaction entered and signed by one user (if the transaction amount equals or exceeds the indicated amount) will only be forwarded to the bank for a performance, when it is signed by any other user.
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