Keep your ID tools secure: don’t write them down, but instead memorize them, don’t disclose them to anybody and keep personal devices secure. If you have lost them or suspect that somebody has taken them or you have noticed suspicious operations, please contact us immediately. Call us 1884 24/7 (from abroad: +370 5 268 4444). Please follow other safety recommendations.

  • Fewer codes – more advantages

    Replace your code card with a Smart-ID card and win useful prizes!

    Participate from 23.07.2018 to 23.09

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So that your summer plans could come true!

Are you in the shop or on the beach? A small loan is always available on your mobile if you need extra money for repairing, purchasing a technical device or carrying out any summer plans.


Pay all your taxes in a one place

The Internet Bank offers a simple and convenient way to pay for public utilities, declare your meter records, pay for the Internet, sports club or children’s clubs. There is no extra charge for payment of the bills if you have a Service Plan!

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For those who travel with their car – Casco

Book our Elite Casco insurance and ride with no worries:

  • we will insure you and all your family members traveling together;
  • you’ll also get key loss, trip interruption and personal belongings coverage.
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