Keep your ID tools secure: don’t write them down, but instead memorize them, don’t disclose them to anybody and keep personal devices secure. If you have lost them or suspect that somebody has taken them or you have noticed suspicious operations, please contact us immediately. Call us 1884 24/7 (from abroad: +370 5 268 4444). Please follow other
safety recommendations.

EUR 1 000 for checking the account balance 3 times a week – for 10 weeks

If you don’t yet have an app, download it

Check your account balance at least 3 times a week

Win EUR 1 000 every week of the campaign

  • Plan your travel insurance yourself!

    Choose the items to be covered with insurance and the amount of insurance for:

    • personal belongings;
    • travel disruptions;
    • sports equipment;
    • active leisure time.
    Get your insurance now
  • Contactless cards

    A new generation of payment card will make your everyday, on-the-go purchases faster and more convenient. When your purchase is less than €10 all you need is just tap your contactless card to the POS terminal, no PIN code is needed.

    Find out more
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