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Important information about the E. Points Programme

Please note that in accordance with the Terms for Accumulation of E. Points the E. Points Accumulation Programme ended on 31 May this year and e. points are no longer accumulated. However, all your earned e. points will be valid as long as until 31 August 2017 and you will have the opportunity to use them meaningfully and usefully throughout summer.

How can you use available e. points?

  • You will have the opportunity to contribute with your e. points to the initiative of Swedbank and SOS vaikų kaimai and help equip smart classrooms in four child day care centres.
  • You can participate in a special e. points lottery and win iPhone, iPad and Fitbit Blaze smart prizes.
  • You may also choose among a variety of prizes in the e. points prize catalogue.
  • The E. Points Accumulation Programme will be closed on 31 August 2017.

THANK YOU! By contributing to a noble cause we have already donated 10 million e-points!

Thanks to your generosity we will be able to build smart classrooms at four day centres of SOS children’s village.

You will soon get informed more about the realisation of this vision.

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20e. points
There is no suitable prize for you at this moment.


20e. points
-30% for a 3-month subscription of magazine “PENKI”

-30% for a 3-month subscription of magazine “PENKI”

200e. points
-40% for 6 months subs. of „MANO NAMAI“ magazine

-40% for 6 months subs. of „MANO NAMAI“ magazine

300e. points

About the e. points accumulation

  • How do I accumulate e. points?

    You can accumulate e. points in the e. points account by making daily financial operations and using our Internet bank, i.e. each time you earn:

    • 1 e. point - for EUR 2.90 spent if you pay with your debit card
    • 2 e. points - for EUR 2.90 spent if you pay with your credit card
    • 3 e. points - for a single transaction in any amount paid through our Internet bank

    Please note that you don’t accumulate e. points for free money transfers through our Internet bank, for example, for transfers between your accounts.Detailed information is available in the “Terms of e. points accumulation“.

    E. points are calculated once a month:

    • the e. points you accumulated in the previous calendar month are added up before the 7th day of the current month;
    • the e. points you accumulated are transferred to your bank account by the 10th day of the current month.

    You can check how many e. points you’ve accumulated on Swedbank Internet bank visiting e. points accumulation site.

    E. points are accumulated only to the primary debit or credit card holder, so only this holder can select prizes using the e. points. Holders of extra debit and credit cards do not earn e. points individually; the e. points they earn are added to the primary cardholder’s e. points.

    The e. points you’ve accumulated can’t be granted to another person.

  • How can I use my e. points?

    There are two ways to use the E. points you’ve earned:

    • One prize each month. You can order one prize each month from the e. points you’ve accumulated.

    You can take a look at the prizes that are available to choose from on the e. points accumulation page at the prize catalogue. The list of prizes is regularly supplemented and updated.

  • Why can I choose only one prize per month?

    We would like to ensure that all our clients who accumulate e. points are able to exchange their e. points for prizes of their choice at any time, both during quiet periods of the year and during holidays, e.g. in the Christmas period. This also ensures the smooth delivery of prizes.

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