Mobile internet bank

  • New!

    Push notifications

    From now on you can receive push notifications on:

    • your e. invoices – whether it has been received, when it has to be payed and a reminder in case of an automatic payment failure;
    • loan instalments – whether they have been paid and a reminder in case of a payment failure.

    Push notifications are free of charge. They are activated automatically once you log in to the App.

Smartphone application management instructions: Android; iOS.
Mobile application for iPhone:
Mobile application for Android:

How to login?

If you do not use the smart phone, which supports iOS or Android OS, then you can use the ordinary mobile internet bank version on your device.

Enter the following address into your mobile phone’s browser:

Fast and safe

Mobile internet bank uses the same modern security means as the ordinary internet bank: M-ID, code card and PIN generator.

We recommend to take care of your mobile phone‘s security before using the APP.

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