Mobile internet bank

  • Push notifications

    You will receive push notifications on:

    • the change in your account balance;
    • debited and credited funds in your payment card account;
    • cash withdrawal and deposit;
    • your e. invoices – when received, when has to be payed and in case of automatic payment failure;
    • loan instalments – when had been paid and in case of payment failure.

    Push notifications are free of charge. You can manage them via the app’s “Settings”.

  • Send money

    Send money much faster than before

    To transfer a small amount of money is as simple as to send a message.

    • Enter the amount and click “Send”.
    • Choose a person from your list of beneficiaries (recipients)*.
    • Send some money! If the amount does not exceed EUR 30, no codes will be required.

    * The list of beneficiaries will have the following included:

    • recipients to which you recently made money transfers (20 last recipients);
    • recipients which have payment samples drawn up for them (you can draw up your payment samples both in online banking (internet bank) and in the app)
    • other accounts you have in Swedbank.

    Money transfer charges

    If you use the function “Send” and the amount does not exceed EUR 30, the following fees are charged:

    • to an account in Swedbank: EUR 0.07;
    • to an account in any other bank: EUR 0.41;
    • between your accounts in Swedbank, AB: free of charge.

    If the amount exceeds EUR 30, a transfer transaction will cost the same as it costs in internet bank.

    If you order service plan Convenient or Convenient Plus offered by Swedbank, you will be able to use electronic payment transfers in euros in Lithuania and the countries of the European Economic Area for:

    • payments in internet bank;
    • for small money transfer not exceeding EUR 30 in a smart app or mobile internet bank.

    Limits applied to money transfers

    A monthly total limit for transferring money without entering any code is EUR 150.

    If you exceed the established limit, you will be asked to enter log in details and the limit will be calculated anew.

  • Receive money

    Receive money as fast as a message

    To ask a friend or a family member for some money is as easy as to send a message. This is the way the functions of the app “Send” and “Receive” work!

    • enter the amount and click “Receive”;
    • choose the method of sending (SMS, e-mail, other) a request and select a person from the address book;
    • the app will send a link to the transfer to your friend and she or he will simply have to confirm the transaction.

    Charges for receipt of money

    The bank charges no fees for sending the link.

    When an SMS is sent, the operator will charge a fee for sending a message according to the applicable payment plan.

    Limits applied to money receipts

    • Maximum amount for one transfer link – EUR 500.
    • You can create 15 links to money transfers a day.
    • Maximum amount per one link reviews – EUR 2500.

    In other words, if you create a transfer link by entering EUR 500, as many as 5 recipients (or one beneficiary for 5 times) will be allowed to open it. Upon the sixth trial to open the link, it will simply not work. We apply this restriction so as to ensure the maximum security of your financial transactions through the app.

  • Loans


    Submit an application for consumer loan and sign a contract

    • on business days from 9.00 to 17.00, you will receive a response in 20 minutes after the submission of application.
    • If you submit an application for consumer loan in a mobile app, no contract administration fee will be charged.

    By using finance services, you undertake financial obligations. Improper fulfilment of financial obligations might negatively affect your credit story, make borrowing more expensive, or forced recovery of payments might be initiated.

Fast. Convenient. Safe.

Protect your phone from strangers

Although the function “Send” enables money transfers without any code (without entering login in details) solely to a list of beneficiaries compiled beforehand, additional protection will come in useful as well. Protect your smart phone by lock screen password; never write it down and do not disclose it to any other persons.

We recommend using services without codes in personal devices only.

If you authorise other persons to use your smart phone, be careful. If you lost your smart phone, cancel the service of sending money without any codes immediately. You can do this online or by calling 1884.

Protect your phone from viruses

  • Update the software of your smart phone in a timely manner.
  • Use solely official app stores.
  • Even if you use official app stores, stay vigilant. Read reviews and feedback about the app you want to download before installing it.
  • Have an anti-virus app installed.
  • Follow the usage of mobile internet data so as to know which apps in your phone connect to the internet and what actions they perform.
Smartphone application management instructions: Android; iOS.

Download and start using

For iOS devices

Download the Swedbank app to iPhone.

For Android devices

Download the Swedbank app to the Android phone.

For other smart devices

If you have a smart device with a different OS, you can use a simplified version of internet bank.

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