1. Order:
    All your invoices in one place - on the Internet Bank.
  2. Free:
    Automatic payment of e-invoices to the supplier’s account in Swedbank, AB is free of charge.
  3. Speed:
    Your daily invoices can be managed by just a few clicks.

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About e-invoices

  • All the bills from different suppliers can be received, managed and saved in one place, i. e. in your internet bank.
  • Electronic billing helps pay internet, mobile, utility bills, make insurance payments and so on conveniently and quickly.
  • Electronic bills are saved in you internet bank for 18 months from the day of receipt. Here you can review the bills, check the state of payment, print, safe in a chosen format or archive them.
  • You can choose electronic bill payment type, i.e. pay by ordinary transfer or by direct debit. When ordering direct debit, you can choose day of payment, partial payment and maximum permisable debit amount. When paying electronic bills by ordinary transfer, the payment form is filled in automatically. Standard electronic billing payment charges are available on www.swedbank.lt.
  • You can order the service of your electronic bills to be sent to another person.

E-invoice automated payment service conditions

Inside Swedbank, AB
Automated payment free of charge
Payment order EUR 0.23
Gold Service customers free of charge
Participants in the Youth Programme J14, J18+ free of charge
Participants in the Youth Programme J18 EUR 0.12
To banks registered in Lithuania
Automated payment EUR 0.41
Payment order EUR 0.41
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