Standing orders

This is automatic transfer of money to your chosen account

  • Convenient when saving funds - funds will be transferred from a bank account to a savings deposit or other selected account under terms and conditions set by you.
  • Transferred in due time - you will not have to remember to make transfers anymore – the money will be transferred automatically.
  • Flexible - you will be able to terminate or conclude a new agreement any time.

Fees of the “Swedbank” Internet Bank

Transfers within “Swedbank”, AB
Standing order, to your own accounts, in EUR Free of charge
Standing order, in EUR EUR 0.23
Standing order, in foreign currency EUR 0.58
Transfers to the banks registered in Lithuania
Standing order, in EUR EUR 0.41

Order service plan service plan "Convenient" or "Convenient plus" where unlimited amount of periodic payments is included.

  • The agreement of each payment shall be linked to a single standing order payment executed under terms and conditions set by you;
  • After signing the agreement, execution of standing order payments can be launched on the same day;
  • Payments shall be executed following the agreements’ conclusion sequence, starting with the agreement signed first;
  • On the day of payment, the bank shall check your bank account:

    • If the amount of funds is sufficient, the transfer will be executed.
    • If on the day of payment the amount of funds in the account is not sufficient, the bank will be checking your bank account for three days (including the day of payment) and, once the required amount is there, will transfer the payment.

Terms and conditions of the Agreement

  1. Fill in the form fields or select one of the available defined payment;
  2. Check the filled in data and then confirm the standing order payment.

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