Small loan.
For your autumn plans!

Wherever you may be, the Small Loan is always available in the mobile app and internet bank.

Special offer by filling in the application on 1-31 October.

Pay all your taxes in a one place

The Internet Bank offers a simple and convenient way to pay for public utilities, declare your meter records, pay for the Internet, sports club or children’s clubs. There is no extra charge for payment of the bills if you have a Service Plan!

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You still have not insured your life? Do it now and receive a 10% discount

  • Life insurance will protect your family members in case of your death or severe disability as an insured event.
  • Conclude a life insurance agreement and have your insurance contributions reduced by 10% for the period of six months.
Insure your life

Your code card will become a souvenir

Starting from 01 09 2019 code cards will no longer be used. Start using “Smart-ID” for logging in.

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