Contact data

We want to ensure that our clients are always provided with necessary and relevant information in due time. Therefore, we ask you to provide us with your contact details or update them.

Why is this important?

Timely provision of information.

  • We will inform you about any changes in service rates and conditions.
  • We will send you all necessary information in accordance with the law (for example, annual statements of second pillar pensions or life insurance if you have concluded the respective agreements).
  • We will inform you about any disruption in the bank’s activity (for example, the interruption of Internet Bank).


We will inform you about any possible risk if the bank systems register any suspicious transactions with your payment card or accounts.

Special offers.

Upon obtaining your approval, we will provide you with offers that are of interest to you and specially designed for you, and inform you about bargain deals and the bank’s news.

Check and update your details now! It will take just one minute.

Please be reminded that the bank never asks customers to provide their security details, such as passwords to connect to Swedbank’s Internet Bank, PIN codes of payment cards or identification codes for using electronic services. If you are asked to provide your security details, please call us on 1884 or email at