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Code card

Code generator

Mobile signature
E-signature on an ID card/State Enterprise Centre of Registers USB flash drive
Daily and monthly limits on transfers for each bank account, per each user According to your choice Maximum EUR 1 160 per day, EUR 4 000 per month According to your choice According to your choice According to your choice
Signing agreements on internet bank All Exceptions apply Exceptions apply All All
Using the app -
Using abroad May not be available in certain countries Available in any country, but only in a computer with the necessary software installed
Price 0.00 EUR Issuing – free.

Replacement – EUR 1,45

Issuing – 8,69 EUR.

Replacement – 8,69 EUR

According to the rates of your mobile network operator According to the rates applied by the institution issuing the logon tool
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Smart-ID for iOS

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In a bank branch In a bank branch At your mobile network operator’s office Identity card;



About Smart-ID

This is a next-generation method that you can use to conveniently and quickly log in to Swedbank’s online banking and mobile banking app, confirm bank transfers and other transactions, and sign contracts without a code card or code generator.

How does it work?

“Smart-ID” is an electronic signature, which has two levels – “Smart-ID” and “Smart-ID basic”. If you create a “Smart-ID” account by using a code card or a code generator, a “Smart-ID basic” account will be created for you. If you create a “Smart-ID” account in a subdivision of the bank or by using your M-signature, your account will be of the “Smart-ID” level.

Why is it worth using?

  • You can create your Smart-ID account on any smart device: telephone, tablet or both.
  • You can use Smart-ID to log in to Swedbank’s online banking and mobile banking app. In other words, you can use it the same way you’re using a Swedbank code card or code generator now.
  • You don’t have to be a mobile subscriber to use Smart-ID. Smart-ID will work anywhere that there is a wireless (Wi-Fi) and/or mobile broadband connection

Easy, simple and free



Download the Smart-ID app from Google play or App store.

Create an account

Create a Smart-ID account using the identification method of your choice.

Log in

When logging in to online banking or other electronic services, select the Smart-ID login option.


Enjoy Smart-ID: fast and convenient. All you need is internet access – Wi-Fi or mobile broadband both work.


About developer of the Smart-ID app

Swedbank’s long-standing cooperation partner across the Baltics and the developer of the Smart-ID is Estonian company SK ID Solution AS. It has a solid 15 years track of experience as a certification services provider who also issues secure electronic signatures.

More about SK ID Solution AS:

Smart-ID support:


Any questions about Smart-ID?


Smart-ID and smart devices

  • What devices are eligible for Smart-ID?

    You can download Smart-ID app and create your electronic signature in any smart device (telephone, tablet, etc.) with Android (version 4.1 or later) or iOS (version 8.0 or later) operating system.

  • Can I have Smart-ID in different devices?

    Yes, you can create your Smart-ID account in several different smart devices. Account registration (sign up) in different devices will have to be carried out anew. If you delete Smart-ID account in one device, it will not stop functioning in other devices.

  • If Smart-ID is used in two devices, do the same PIN codes have to be used?

    You can create different PIN codes or use the same for the accounts in different devices.

  • If I use Smart-ID in different devices, which one will ask for my PIN code, if I connect to e-banking with Smart-ID?

    You will see the request to check the control code and enter the required PIN code in all devices in which you have Smart-ID account. When you enter your PIN code in one device, the request to enter PIN code in other devices will automatically close.

  • Can different people register their Smart-ID accounts in one device?

    This is subject to the characteristics of a smart device. Devices with Android OS usually allow the use of different user accounts. Meanwhile, devices with iOS do not have this function.

  • Does Smart-ID necessarily have to be in the device I use to connect to the bank?

    Not necessarily. E. g. you can have Smart-ID in your phone and connect to internet bank using any other device. You just need to enter PIN code in the device with Smart-ID account.

Account registration and validity

  • Who can use Smart-ID?

    To start using electronic services provided by Swedbank, a person has to be resident of the Republic of Lithuania. Foreign citizens also have to have any type of residence permit specifying personal identification code allocated in the Republic of Lithuania.

  • How long can I use my Smart-ID account?

    Your Smart-ID account is valid for 3 years. When approaching the expiration date, you will have to delete the account and sign up again. Service provider SK ID Solutions will notify you in advance by sending an SMS or by e-mail.

  • I created my Smart-ID account while using other identification tools issued by another bank. How can I connect to Swedbank with my Smart-ID?

    To use the available Smart-ID also in Swedbank, you should first login to Swedbank internet bank with the identification tool you have (code card, PIN code generator, or M-signature) and enable the use of Smart-ID.

    On the menu select as follows: My bank -> Settings -> Settings. Hit the button Enable Smart-ID.

  • How can I remove Smart-ID account?

    Delete your account in Smart-ID: open Smart-ID app and hit “Delete account” on the top left corner.

  • I created a Smart-ID account. Are other identification tools provided to me by Swedbank still valid?

    Yes, using Smart-ID has no effect on other forms of identification allowed by Swedbank. You can use the identification tool provided by the bank as an additional one. It may also be useful to have it when creating a new Smart-ID account (e. g. when forgetting your Smart-ID PIN code or losing a device, used for Smart-ID registration).

Using Smart-ID

  • Where can I use Smart-ID?

    Swedbank clients can use Smart-ID:

    • to connect to internet bank and bank app;
    • confirm payments and agreements;
    • identify themselves when connecting to the website of the third parties if these websites provide the possibility to connect via Swedbank internet bank.
  • What are the amounts of payments that can be confirmed using Smart-ID?

    When using Smart-ID transactions daily and monthly limits in the Agreement of Electronic Services shall be applicable. You can change the limits in any Swedbank branch.

  • How much does it cost to use Smart-ID?

    The registration and use of Smart-ID, when connecting to Swedbank e-banking, is free of charge.

  • Does Smart-ID operate abroad?

    You can use Smart-ID anywhere you go where wireless internet is available. One Smart-ID request uses only as many as 5 KB of internet data.

  • Is it necessary to have SIM card to use Smart-ID?

    No, SIM card is not needed. To use Smart-ID you only need wireless or mobile internet.

PIN codes

  • I entered incorrect PIN code. How many trials do I have?

    You can try entering PIN codes three times in succession. When you enter the wrong PIN code the third time, Smart-ID account is blocked for 3 hours. After 3 hours you can try again.

    If you enter the wrong PIN code three times in succession for the second time, Smart-ID account will be blocked for 24 hours.

    If you enter the wrong PIN code three times in succession one day later, Smart-ID account will be finally blocked.

  • What should I do, if I forget Smart-ID PIN codes?

    Delete Smart-ID account and create a new one with new PIN codes.

    You can delete your Smart-ID account in Smart-ID app by selecting the appropriate item and hitting on the top left corner menu.

  • Whom should I address, if there is any interference while using Smart-ID?

    If you fail to create an account in Smart-ID, please address the provider of Smart-ID service, , SK ID Solutions. Contact information:

    Should you have any question or face interference while connecting to Swedbank e-banking through Smart-ID, contact us.

The advantages of Smart-ID in comparison to other forms of identification

  • I already have a code card. Why should I choose “Smart-ID”?

    Smart-ID is an alternative to a code card, but it is much more comfortable.

    Smart-ID is in your smart phone, and you always have it with you. Thus to connect to the internet bank you no longer have to look for your code card.

    Furthermore, when using a code card certain payments have to be confirmed with additional code sent by SMS. Unlike a code card, Smart-ID also allows making payments of desired amount. You can change the standard limits for payment transactions established by bank and choose the desired ones. You can do that in any Swedbank branch.

  • I already have a PIN code generator. Why should I choose “Smart-ID”?

    Smart-ID is an alternative to a PIN code generator – it is only much more comfortable and free of charge.

    Smart-ID is in your smart phone, and you always have your phone with you. Thus to connect to the Internet Bank you no longer have to look for your PIN code generator.

    Besides, you sign up to Smart-ID and can use it for Swedbank e-banking at no cost.

  • How is Smart-ID different from mobile-ID?

    Smart-ID is an alternative to mobile-ID, but itt does not require you to have a SIM card, it operates via Wi-Fi or mobile internet.

    You do not have to go to any specific place to start using Smart-ID. You simply need to download Smart-ID app to your smart device and sign up with the available identification tool. You sign up to Smart-ID and can use it for Swedbank e-banking at no cost.


  • What steps should be taken when the device with Smart-ID account is lost?

    In such case, call the service provider SK ID Solutions, you will find the number on the website and ask them to block your Smart-ID account. You can also notify the bank of the loss. Upon your request from a client the service of internet bank will be blocked. The access will be unblocked on the basis of your request or request of the person’s authorised by you only at Swedbank branch.

  • Is it safe to install Smart-ID in a device which is not personal (e.g., in a tablet used by the whole family)?

    We recommend installing Smart-ID in personal devices. In this way you will be sure that the users of the device will not accidentally block your account.

  • How is the safety of using Smart-ID ensured?

    Detailed information on safety which guarantees technological principle of Smart-ID functioning can be found on (see Help -> Security and Private keys).

    Please also follow general safety principles:

    • do not disclose your PIN codes to anyone;
    • make sure that your smart devices are secured with passwords;
    • do not forget to regularly update the OS in your device.

This solution is for you, if you use internet bank for daily needs only, without transferring big amounts.

By using a code card, transaction limits are established for each bank account, separately (EUR 1 160 daily limit, EUR 4 000 monthly limit). In order to increase the transaction limits, other identification tools need to be acquired.

Code cards are issued free of charge, replacement of a lost card is charged EUR 1.45.

The instructions for logging in with a code card for private clients

When using a code card, certain actions in internet bank or app require additional confirmation with a security code received by SMS.

Which transactions require additional confirmation with a security code received by SMS?

Additional security code received by SMS needs to be entered when making payments exceeding the following limits:

One transfer limit One day limit
Money transfers to accounts in other payment institutions EUR 30 EUR 150
Money transfers to accounts in Swedbank - EUR 300

You have to additionally enter security code received by SMS message in following cases:

  • when signing and amending agreements on standing orders and automatic payment of e-invoice, etc.;
  • when changing confidential payment details (e.g. providing and changing mobile phone number, to which SMS with additional security code is sent);
  • when changing defined payments settings, used to manage the list of trustworthy money recipients;
  • when importing payments.

Defined payments: you can make transfers more easily

You can deactivate sending of SMS with additional codes for payments to the recipients who are saved in the list of your defined payments. In this case, when transferring money to the latter recipients, no additional security codes need to be entered irrespective of the transfer amount.

Any questions about the additional security code?

  • Why don’t I receive an SMS with a confirmation code?

    The bank sends SMS with security codes right after the client clicks the button on the Internet Bank. In certain cases (e.g. when staying abroad or in case of operator network overload), SMS may be late due to the reasons out of control of the bank. If an SMS does not reach the client at all, the reason is mainly related to the cell phone or provision of mobile network operator services. In these cases the client receives neither bank messages nor any other SMS. The reasons for not receiving SMS may be the following:
    • Restricted or suspended provision of services: In certain cases a mobile network operator may restrict or suspend the provision of services (not only sending, but also receiving of SMS). Different operators undertake these steps due to different reasons: insufficient account balance, expired account, indebtedness, received notification on SIM card blocking, exceeded credit limit, etc. You should contact your operator for further information.
    • Incorrect SMS settings: The phone may have incorrect settings for incoming SMS, which results in the client not receiving SMS.
    • The client uses the Windowsphone operational system: In Windowsphone OS messages are automatically blocked if the sender is indicated in letters rather than figures (e.g. SWEDBANK instead of 1633). In such a case the client has to change phone settings and turn off inclusion of such senders in the list of blocked senders.
  • Will SMS solution be available abroad?

    Yes, when abroad, you will be able to receive SMS messages with security codes. However, in order to avoid inconveniences due to possible roaming disturbances, we recommend customers who travel more often to use PIN generator.
  • What telephone number may be registered for receiving security messages?

    Any mobile telephone number may be registered independently from mobile network operator. If you live abroad, you may register foreign mobile network operator numbers. A specific telephone number in bank system may be registered only once.
  • For what purposes will my registered telephone number be used?

    Telephone number provided by you shall be used for sending security SMS messages. Also, you may specify for this telephone number to be used as your contact number. This telephone number shall also be used for notifications (“Notification Centre” service) if you have subscribed them or shall do it in the future.
  • What should I do if I lost the telephone I have registered for receiving security messages?

    Immediately contact the bank by phone 1884 (for private clients) or 1633 (for business clients).
  • What should I do if I want to change the telephone number I have registered for receiving security messages?

    You may change telephone number by calling 1884 (for private clients) and 1633 (for business clients) or by visiting Swedbank branch.  You may change telephone number in internet bank only if you have the access to both your old and new telephone number. Otherwise, you have to log in using e. signature.
  • Why are additional security measures being implemented?

    “Minimum security requirements for online payments” adopted by the Bank of Lithuania shall come into force in 2016. Banks are obliged under this document to strengthen electronic banking security measures.
  • Do I have to submit my telephone number to the bank, if a code card is not my principal identification means?

    If you mainly use mobile signature (or other form of e. signature) to connect to your internet/mobile bank but you also have a code card, we recommend submitting your mobile telephone number. The bank does not manage the e. signature system and therefore cannot guarantee its stable functioning. In cases when you cannot connect with your mobile signature, you will always be able to use a code card issued to you by the bank.
  • Why SMS solution was chosen?

    When looking for a solution that would comply with new stricter requirements, we tried to ensure customers would experience as few troubles as possible. Therefore, we developed a solution that would not require the customers to acquire new identification means or to visit bank branch.

It is an electronic device generating random one-time codes. The generator runs on a battery and when the battery is flat, you must replace the device rather than try to independently replace the battery. The typical battery life is about five years. Replacement is charged a fee.

This device is suitable for those who make a bigger number of transfers, travel frequently or manage big amounts of money.

PIN code generator costs EUR 8.69.

The instructions for logging in with a PIN code generator for private clients

When logging in to internet bank, you can verify your identity and transactions by your mobile electronic signature (Mobile-ID or mobile signature). In order to use it, you must have a mobile phone with a special SIM card and enter the PIN code of your Mobile-ID into it.

To acquire Mobile-ID, please contact your mobile phone operator.

How to start using Mobile-ID?

  • Activate the option of logging with Mobile-ID

    1. Log in to the Internet Bank using your password card or password generator.
    2. In the menu, go to My bank –> Settings –> Mobile-ID.
    3. Select the option of logging in to the Internet Bank with Mobile-ID.
    4. Log off from the Internet Bank.
  • During the login click on Mobile-ID

    1. Go to the Internet Bank and click on Mobile-ID.
    2. Enter your user code in the box User ID.
    3. Enter your mobile phone number, for example 6XXXXXXX, in the box Phone number.
  • Enter sPIN code

    1. Make sure the code you have received in the Internet Bank matches the code on your mobile phone and confirm it.
    2. On your mobile phone enter sPIN code of Mobile-ID.

It is a safe and reliable identification tool, but it is not available on mobile devices. Your computer must be additionally prepared for the use of e-signature (ID/USB) and you can use your e-signature on that specific computer only.

In order to use this identification tool, you need to acquire a card reader. Prices are available here.

How to acquire:

How to prepare your computer:

Instruction how to log in by using Identity card / Public enterprise Centre of Registers USB for private client

What to do in case of losing login details?

If you lost your internet bank login codes or suspect that your login details could have been accessed by unauthorised persons, immediately call us at any time of the day or night. The Bank will block your access to your internet bank account immediately preventing access to money held on your account. You can call us to have your internet bank account blocked 24/7:

  • For private clients: call 1884 (or +370 5 268 4444)
  • For business clients: call 1633 (or +370 5 268 4422)

The Bank will also automatically block access to internet bank in case incorrect login details are entered for five times (user ID or permanent password, or code from a code card/PIN code generator). To have your internet bank unblocked, call 1884/ 1633 (on working days, 8:00 - 20:00; on Saturday, 9:00 - 16:00).

Protect your internet bank login codes

  • Under no circumstances, disclose your secret internet bank codes to other persons, including your family members, friends or bank employees. If you want your family members to be able to manage, control and dispose funds on your account(s), or that the employees of your company are able to manage funds in your company’s account(s), request the bank to grant the right to them to log in to your internet bank in their own name and by using their own identification tools, while you are free to revoke this right at any time. Remember, that all internet bank login data (user ID, codes, passwords, etc.) is the key protecting access to your money.
  • Keep the code cade in the place inaccessible to other persons. Do not write your ID number on the card.
  • Never send your internet bank login data by email.
  • Do not write down your permanent password, but rather memorise it or change it on a regular basis – at least every 40 days, is recommended.
  • The employees of the company should have personal authentication tools issued in their name to log in to the Internet Bank. Sharing one authentication tool is strictly forbidden.
  • Your permanent password should be hard to guess, it should consist of illogical combination of digits, letters and other symbols. Phone numbers, names and other information related with you should not be used. Choose the password of 8-16 symbols.
  • Your PIN code should not coincide with any part of your phone number. Avoid PIN similar to dates.
  • Change your permanent password or PIN code immediately, if you suspect that your internet bank login data could have been accessed by other persons.

Suspicious emails or calls. Stay alert!

If you receive a suspicious call or email from alleged 'bank employee' or 'officer' requesting you to disclose secret login details – under no circumstances disclose such information. Neither bank employees nor representatives of law enforcement or other institutions ever address residents requesting them to disclose their internet bank details (passwords, codes, etc.). This strategy is frequently used by fraudsters trying to obtain necessary information and steal the money held in the account. Also, stay alert and do not open suspicious emails with potentially data stealing viruses attached. Make sure you log in to the internet bank service by using the correct address (

Please note:

  • Never disclose your secret login information, unless you are initiating the call with the bank.
  • Immediately inform the bank about any suspicious emails or calls.
  • Do not click on the links and do not open files attached to suspicious emails.
  • Remember – the bank never sends emails requesting for the user ID, password or numbers of code cards, or links to the websites where your details need to be entered.
  • The bank never sends emails requesting you to install additional software to improve internet bank possibilities.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, inform us about the incident by email or by calling 1884 (calling from abroad +370 5 268 4444) - for private clients or 1633 (calling from abroad +370 5 268 4422) - for business clients.

Closing browsing session

If when logged in to internet bank, no activity takes places for 15 minutes, the login session is terminated. You will be asked to re-enter your login details. Time limits are used for security reasons, if a user forgets to log off from his/her account after finishing using internet bank.

Session certificate

The whole flow of internet bank data is encrypted.

Certificate of internet bank page

Before entering your login details, make sure that Swedbank internet bank address is shown in the address field of the browser, which starts https:// You will also see the symbol in the browser window.

When using internet bank on your computer, follow the safety recommendations given below:

  • Install antivirus software and select automatic update (at least one automatic update per day).
  • Install local firewall. It should be configured to prevent connection to your computer from internet.
  • Download security upgrades of all software on a regular basis.
  • Use the latest version of your browser and operating system available.
  • Activate automatic software updates.

When using internet bank on mobile devices (phones, tablets), follow the safety requirements given below:

  • Download apps only from reliable e-shops, such as App Store, Google Play, and Windows Phone Apps – Microsoft store.
  • Do no 'crack' your mobile device to evade restrictions set by the mobile communication provider or device manufacturer. Such actions will remove protection installed into your device.
  • Use the latest version of your browser and operating system available.

Browse safely

  • Be careful with suspicious files. Do not open attachments received from unknown senders, unless you are confident that doing this is safe. Besides, be careful when opening files received from your known senders – their computers can also be infected with virus or spyware. Viruses are usually found in the files ending .exe, .com, .bat, .vb, .vbs, .js, .scr and .pif. Microsoft Office documents can also contain viruses, therefore it is always advisable to be careful before opening them and choose 'No' option, when asked by Word program if you want to run a macro (program script).
  • Once you finish internet bank session, log off (by clicking 'Logoff') and close the browser.

Check computer safety

To check if your computer is free of virus, you can use free internet virus scan programs:

Agreement of Electronic Services

When signing the agreement, you can:

  • choose the accounts you want to see on your internet bank. If you choose 'All accounts' option, without any additional amendment to the agreement, you will see also the accounts that will be opened in the future;
  • set profiles and transaction limits for your accounts (e.g. see account information, but restrict the possibility to make payments, set daily and monthly limits for transactions smaller than allowed by the bank, etc.);
  • entitle the other users to log in to your internet bank in their own name and by using their identification tools and set appropriate profiles and transaction limits for your accounts.

Business clients can assign different user's rights to their employees specifying the accounts allowed to be managed on internet bank and set appropriate profile for each account, individually. Further information about profiles applied to business clients is available here. Double acceptance – additional option for payments exceeding the client's set limit. Such payments require additional confirmation by the other user with the appropriate rights.

Business clients having the user rights administration right and using qualified electronic signature, can administer user rights in corporate internet bank as well. Information about the functionality and its possibilities is available here.

Transaction limits

Transaction limits for the client and account are set according to you and your business needs.

Client’s daily and monthly limits specify the total amount of funds to be transferred by all users from all the accounts of the client via all E-Channels over the respective period.

Daily and monthly transaction limits for an account are set for every user individually and specifies the amount that a specific user can transfer from the specified account via the established Electronic channel during the respective period.

Transaction limits can be changed in a branch of Swedbank (make sure you have an ID card with you and have the right to represent the client, in case of company's representative, before arriving to the branch). In corporate internet bank, transaction limits per account can be changed by the users with the appropriate user rights administration right.

Please note that additional limits are applied to code cards. Information about them is available here.

'Notification Centre' service

By ordering the 'Notification Centre' service, you will receive information messages about the completed transactions and changes on your bank accounts. It is an excellent tool to control money flows. Business clients can also order this service for their employees.

Information about the charges for the 'Notification Centre' service is available here.

If you have subscribed to messages about transactions, you will be sent a message for transactions that occur on any of your accounts. These messages are purely informative; they are not meant to confirm (do not have probative force of) a transaction (including but not limited to a payment order) made on your account. Only information provided in an account statement about transactions made on the account has probative force.

Monitor your account balance

Monitor money movement on your personal and company's accounts on a regular basis. If you notice anything suspicious, immediately contact the bank by calling 1884 (for private clients) or 1633 (for business clients).

Shop in electronic shops safely

When shopping in electronic shops, be prudent with your personal and financial data. We recommend always following these safety tips:

  • Shop in reliable shops only. Buying goods and services at well-known Lithuanian and foreign online shops with good reputation is always safest shopping. Be more critical about unknown sellers, do research on their activities. Internet address of a trustworthy online shop starts with https:// and the beginning of the browser field is coloured green.
  • Be careful about discounts. You found a high-quality product for a very low price? Before making a payment, make sure that the company offering the product does exist and is trustworthy. Do not use links to discounts of online shops in advertisements placed on social networks.
  • Safe shopping by card. When shopping in foreign online shops, payment by card is the most frequent payment option. In such event you will have to enter your payment card details. Security of payments is certified by special logos, such as '3D Secure', 'Verified by Visa' and 'MasterCard SecureCode', which are used in online shops. If an online shop participates also in 3D Secure program, you may be redirected to internet bank and requested to confirm payment by logging in to internet bank. Information about the operation of Secure internet shopping program is available here.
  • Safe payment via electronic banking system. When shopping in Lithuanian online shops, usually you will be redirected to Swedbank internet bank account. You will recognise it from Swedbank logo and internet bank address: It shows that payment is made directly via bank systems. Upon entering login details, ready-made payment form will automatically open on the website.
  • Paying agents. If online shop redirects you to paying agent's webpage, be careful and pay attention where you enter your internet bank login details. If you enter your internet bank account details on the website of the paying agent, not of the bank, these details become known to the third party. In some cases, the agent makes payment from your internet bank account. In such event, the Bank cannot guarantee data transfer safety or its protection.

If you have any suspicion that you encountered electronic fraudsters, inform us by calling 1884 (for private clients) or 1633 (for business clients).

Do you have doubts about safety? Inform us!

Call us 24/7, by 1884 for private clients (calling from abroad +370 5 268 4444) or by 1633 for business clients (calling from abroad +370 5 268 4422) if:

  • you noticed any suspicious transactions on your account;
  • you suspect that your internet bank became accessible to unauthorised persons;
  • you encountered fraudsters trying to obtain your login details or misappropriate your money.

Warnings about increased number of frauds are published on Swedbank “Žinių terasa” and on the internet bank login window. Having notice any suspicious transactions on your account, we can contact you personally. But remember that bank employees calling you will never ask for your login details, passwords, PIN codes or any other confidential information. Bank employees can ask you for certain login details only if you yourself call by the above-mentioned bank numbers and for the purpose of person's identification only.

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