CASCO insurance

It will be more than your vehicle insurance

With ELITE CASCO, you will receive not just standard all-risks insurance but also:

  • Passenger coverage;
  • Key loss coverage;
  • Trip interruption coverage;
  • Personal belongings coverage.

NOTE. In case you are not a “Swedbank” client please call us on 1884, select ‘5’ and we will calculate CASCO price for you.

You can download Casco insurance rules here.

Descriptions of the Insurance Coverages

Standard CASCO insurance Elite CASCO insurance
All-risk insurance
24-hour roadside assistance
Accessory insurance
Travel interruption insurance
Lost car key insurance
Insurance of personal belongings 1 200Eur
Transportation expenses coverage 50Eur
Personal accident insurance
Replacement car Optional
Policy territory Geographic Europe or Europe except Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Kazakhstan
Calculate premium and conclude contract

The insurance coverage is available for vehicles with a gross weight not exceeding 3 500 kg. The insurance coverage is valid within the same territory as the vehicle insurance coverage. The additional insurance coverage cannot be selected prior to getting your car insured.

Insurance services are provided by ‘Swedbank P&C Insurance AS’ Lithuanian branch through a representative ‘Swedbank’, AB. You can access Casco (vehicle) Insurance rules in Lithuanian language and download a copy here.

  • No restrictions regarding driver’s age or driving experience.
  • Brand new spare parts are used to repair vehicles, which are not more than five years old (except windscreens).
  • Insurance covers the trailer attached to the vehicle of total weight of up to 750 kg. Insurance also covers an extra set of tires and (or) wheel rims that are kept in a locked store room.
  • 24-hour road assistance applies 24 hours daily in the same territory as the vehicle insurance coverage and covers the necessary as well as reasonable expenses (e.g. transportation, vehicle engine start, etc.).
  • We will compensate damage to the vehicle’s glass of bodywork and exterior mirrors as well as lamps without applying deductible, if these are repaired or replaced by our listed repair shops.
  • The annual insurance premium will not increase, if you wish to pay monthly.

Deductible is the amount, which is deducted from the insurance claim upon occurrence of each insured event: you will have to pay it to the person / company, who has performed the repair. If the property has not been repaired, the deductible shall be deducted from the insurance claim amount payable to you.

Deductible shall not be applicable:

  • where the third party, who has caused the damage, is identified and this is confirmed by the relevant authorities;
  • where the third party, who has caused the damage, confirms in writing that they are at fault for the event;
  • where damage is caused only to the vehicle’s glass and it is repaired or replaced by the repair shops, as listed by the insurer.

Where two deductibles can be applied to a single event, only one – the deductible greater in amount – shall apply upon the payment of insurance claim.

The policyholder has a duty to send photos of the insured vehicle, taken according to the insurer’s instructions, to the insurer within 3 business days of entry into the insurance contract to the e-mail address If the above-mentioned requirement is not fulfilled, then a triple amount of the excess stated in the policy, but not less than 300 EUR will be applied in case of insurance indemnity payout.

Please report it to ‘Swedbank’ customer service staff as soon as possible via following

Upon receipt of your report, we will advise you on further action and proceedings.

If you experienced damage to your vehicle and (or) personal belongings, please notify immediately:

  • The police if the personal belongings have been stolen from your vehicle or damaged due to unauthorized acts of third persons.
  • Use emergency service number 112 if a fire broke out in your vehicle, in case of an explosion, or where you or your passengers were injured in a road accident, etc.

If you need help on the road, call the general bank telephone number 1884.

Before starting repairs, the estimate for them should be coordinated with our experts.

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