Credit card liability insurance

Order a credit card and insure used credit card limit

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  • Insure used credit card limit and get insurance indemnity in case of unexpected incapacity for work due to illness, accident or loss of employment.
  • You will have to pay insurance premiums only if you use credit card limit. Only 0,6% from used credit limit.
  • Credit card limit insurance agreement may be terminated free of charge.
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    Insurance indemnity size and payment principles

    First 11 monthly indemnities – 5 per cent from used credit card limit.
    In case of payment of final twelfth insurance indemnity, total remaining amount of used credit card limit is paid out.


    You fell sick and incapability for work due to illness started on 01/03/2015 and lasted for 14 months. Used limit of your credit card on the day of determination of damage extent (25/02/2015) is 2,000 euro.

    Insurance indemnity shall be paid every month and the amount of 2,000 euro shall be paid during the period of 12 months (see illustration).

    Total indemnity


    1st month – waiting period

    2nd – 12th month – 5% form used credit limit is paid

    13th month – remaining credit limit used is paid out.


    Insurer by paying insurance indemnities shall not compensate for interest calculated by the bank for used credit card limit of the insured.

    The insurer, upon assessing the product features and determining that “Credit card liability insurance” is not for you, shall have the right not to conclude insurance agreement.

    You may familiarize with credit card liability insurance rules and download the copy here (pdf).

    Insurance services are provided by “Swedbank P&C Insurance AS” Lithuanian branch through representative “Swedbank”, AB.

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