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You cannot foresee everything. Protect your property against unexpected losses.

  • Insured housing - your apartment or house, its extensions, the fence and devices in the premises will be protected from unexpected damage caused to them.
  • Insured home property - will provide you comfort regarding the movable property in your housing as well as the property which you carry with you while traveling in Lithuania.
  • Insured civil liability - will be useful where you cause damage to neighbors, guests or passers-by.

If you’ve got something to cherish, you’ve got something to insure!

Insurance services are provided by "Swedbank P&C Insurance AS" Lithuanian branch via a representative of "Swedbank", AB. You can get familiarized with the Rules of Home insurance Lithuanian language and download the copy here.

Home insurance calculator

Building type
Building material
Total area

* The calculated offer is based on a 15000 Eur incurance limit on home contents and liability.

Final monthly payment
  • We will reimburse costs of temporary housing rental for up to 12 months, if the housing is not fit to live in due to the event;
  • We will cover the cost of locks’ replacement in the event the external door keys are lost or missing;
  • We will indemnify for the damages where the household appliances break down due to voltage fluctuations;
  • We will always pay for the purchase of new similar items instead of the lost ones;
  • When insuring a residential housing without a housing loan agreement, the premiums without increase in their amount shall be paid at intervals convenient for you: 1, 2, 4 or 12 times a year;
  • Upon household property insurance, the following shall be insured as well:

    • items taken on a trip in Lithuania, up to EUR 579.24;
    • items stored in a lumber-room, up to EUR 2027.34.

The apartment insurance

The apartment insurance

If you insure the apartment then the apartment internal walls, the partitions, the decoration will be insured together with floor coverings, the stairs that are inside the apartment, the windows, the glass-cases, the apartment entrance doors, installed piping, electrical wiring, including electrical sockets, heating boilers, designed for the apartment heating, other stationary elements of the apartment.

After the apartment is insured, it will also be covered by insurance at no additional charge

The apartment appurtenances, which are in the same city, in the same town or in the same village as the apartment, common premises and mechanical, electrical, sanitary-ware and other equipment which is shared, the main house constructions, the part which belongs to the apartment owner under the common partial ownership.

Important! Built-in furniture, aquariums, cornices will be insured selecting the home property insurance services.

The house insurance

If you insure the house, then with the house foundation, exterior and interior walls, the partitions, the decoration together will be insured

The roof and the gutters, the chimneys, the stairs, the windows, the glass-cases, the doors, floor coverings, installed piping, electrical wiring, including electrical sockets, installed fixed equipment, solar panels, heating boilers, designed for the apartment heating and other stationary elements of the house.

After the apartment is insured, it will also be covered by insurance at no additional charge

Fencing, gates and the gate automatic equipment, the environmental equipment, wooden terraces, other structures up to 10 square metres (for example, outdoor storage, woodshed).

Important! Built-in furniture, aquariums, cornices will be insured selecting the home property insurance services.

The home contents insurance

Along with clothes and household appliances the following will be covered

Furniture and fitted furniture, audiovisual equipment, lighting, aquariums, cornices, dishes, bedding, sports and recreation equipment, tools for gardening or environment maintenance, and other household items.

The civil liability insurance

Civil liability insurance

In case of the civil liability insurance of the homeowner, the damages which are caused by the operation of housing will be rewarded to neighbours (for example, if the pipe cracked and the apartment of the neighbours would be flooded) or to the passers-by (for example, the window hit the wall because of draught and the falling broken glass injured a passer-by ).

Your selected insurance amount shall apply for the property within your housing, e. g., EUR 15 000.00, however, for certain home property groups, the following insurance amounts shall be applicable:

Title of the home property group Insurance Amount
Valuables up to 2027.34 EUR
Home contents in appurtenances up to 2027.34 EUR
Cash up to 579.24 EUR
Home contents within the fenced territory up to 579.24 EUR
Property carried with the owner within the territory of the Republic of Lithuania up to 579.24 EUR

Home deductible – the amount which is deducted from the insurance claim upon each insured event - you will have to pay it to the person who carried out the repairs. If the property has not been repaired, we will deduct the amount of the deductible from the insurance claim you are entitled to. The offreckoning is not applied:

  • when the person who caused the damage is defined and the institutions concerned confirm it;
  • when the third party that caused the damage confirms its fault for an event in writing;
  • in the civil liability insurance.

If the two offreckonings may be applied for a single event, when the insurance benefit is paid, only one - higher - offreckoning is applied;

  1. You will find useful advice on premium calculation here);
  2. Conclude an agreement in just a few minutes;
  3. Get an updated Certificate for the next year annually per post.

When the accident occurs we ask to report it as soon as possible to the “Swedbank“ customer service staff:

When we receive your report we will advise you how to proceed and act.

If your property has been damaged or you have caused damage to a third party, report immediately:

  • to the police, if your property has been stolen, taken away from you during the robbery or it has been damaged due to illegal activities of the third parties;
  • to the emergency centre by phone number 112, if the fire occurred in your dwelling or the explosion occurred;
  • to the emergency plumbing service, if in case of the water supply accident you cannot turn off the water supply.

It is important to know! Prior to repair works it is necessary to match their estimate with our expert.

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