Travel insurance

Travel safely with Swedbank travel insurance!

  • The medical assistance (expenses) insurance sum is €500 000.
  • A broad insurance cover in case of travel disruption and insurance of your personal belongings.
  • The possibility to extend your insurance cover.

The insurance services are provided by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Lithuanian Branch through its representative Swedbank, AB. You can review the Travel Insurance Rules and download their copy here.

Travel insurance calculator

Insurance period
Insurance validity territory
Geographical part of Europe (incl. the European part of Russia), plus the United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, the Canary Islands, Cyprus, Morocco, Tunisia, and Turkey.

Scope of coverage and sum insured

Medical assistance (expenses) insurance
Accident insurance
10 000
Property insurance
Travel disruption insurance
Liability and legal assistance insurance

Additional covers (extention)

Age of insured person

The calculation is only indicative. Please log in to your internet bank to see the exact travel insurance premium.

Number of days
Number of insured
Insurance premium:
Insurance premium: Final insurance premium:

Have a look how many different mishaps have occurred during travels and how big unexpected losses they can cause to the family budget!

Medical expenses during travel
Suffered by 41%
Travel disruptions, changes in travel itinerary or schedule
Suffered by 11%
Damage or theft of personal belongings
Suffered by 5%
Suffered by 14%
Delay of luggage
Suffered by 4%
Traumas, accidents during travel
Suffered by 3%
Travel delay
A summary of the most frequent causes of loss, the percentages of customers affected, and the average losses in 2016 are presented according to the data of "Swedbank P&C Insurance AS" Lithuanian branch.
  • Medical assistance (expenses) insurance

    During the travel, You will be covered by comprehensive medical expenses insurance.

    If Your health condition deteriorates due to an injury or serious illness in a foreign country, we will compensate medically justified expenses of emergency treatment.

  • Accident Insurance

    During the travel, You will be also be covered by accident insurance. This insurance cover extends to the accidental death of the insured and injury insurance. If during the travel You suffered a bodily injury as a result of an accident, we will pay the insurance indemnity the amount of which will depend on the character of the bodily injury.

    The amount of the insurance indemnity shall be determined in accordance with the table of injuries presented in the Travel Insurance Conditions.

    Terms and Conditions of Travel Insurance

  • Travel disruption Insurance

    Travel disruption cover will allow You to claim compensation for losses related to the following:

    • travel or transport delay;
    • route/itinerary change (including travel cancellation/interruption);
    • flight ticket change of up to EUR 150;
    • luggage delay.
  • Liability and legal assistance insurance

    We will compensate property damage should You cause such to third parties and should it entail Your civil liability.

  • Personal belongings insurance

    Personal belongings insurance will protect You against unexpected losses during Your travel. We will compensate the expenses of the restoration or replacement of personal belongings which You take with You to the travel should Your personal belongings be destroyed or damaged due to a sudden unforeseen event during the travel (including theft).

  • Additional cover for a sports trip

    You can also extend the travel disruption and personal belongings insurance covers. These extended covers will be helpful for You if:

    • You have come for skiing but cannot enjoy it due to suddenly changed air conditions;
    • Your personal sports equipment is damaged during the travel (an additional insurance sum of up to EUR 3 000);
    • Your travel will not take place and You will be unable to enjoy the planned sports activity due to an accident.
  • Hazardous activities insurance

    If You plan active leisure abroad, the insurance intended for increased-risk activities would be especially beneficial to You.

    More information on hazardous activities insurace

Report an event


  • Within the territory of Lithuania call 1884
  • From abroad call +370 5 268 4444

Insurance services are provided by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Lithuanian branch through representative Swedbank AB. Click here to view and download a copy of the terms of travel insurance.

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