Secured loan

In case of accident, your family will have housing not mortgage

  • Protect your family from financial burden. In case of your death or disability (insured event), insurance benefit will be paid and your family will have home and not mortgage.
  • You are free to choose the life insurance amount – you can choose from buying insurance for the full mortgage amount or smaller amount.
  • If you choose bigger life insurance amount, discount on insurance premiums applies.

Protected Mortgage is life insurance service provided by Swedbank Life Insurance SE, Lithuanian Branch via representative Swedbank, AB.

Choose the service that suits your needs best.

Event Protected mortgage Protected mortgage and Illness and unemployment cover
Severe disability1
Incapacity for work caused by illness2
Job loss3


Age of the insured
Life insurance amount
Monthly amount of Illness and unemployment cover
Monthly insurance premium for life insurance cover
Monthly insurance premium for severe disability insurance cover
Monthly insurance premium for Illness and job loss insurance cover
First monthly premium

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1Severe disability is the insured's severe disability and the working capacity established by the institutions of the Republic of Lithuania of 30% or less, lasting without interruption for 12 months or longer in the duration of this insurance cover. In case of an insured event, your severe disability would make you eligible to an insurance benefit equal to a severe disability insurance amount.
2Sick leave is time off work due to injury caused by an accident (for example, midtarsal joint injury by stumbling on uneven ground, femur fracture sustained when skiing, pelvis injury suffered in a road accident, etc.) or illness (for example, flu complications, pneumonia, myocardial infarction, etc.).
3Loss of job is a situation when an employee is made redundant at the employer’s initiative (for example, as a result of a company’s bankruptcy, the withdrawal of a company’s operating permit) or by mutual agreement at the employer’s initiative (for example, as a result of downsizing).

Protected mortgage

  • We recommend the life insurance amount to be equal to the total amount of your financial liabilities, but you are free to choose smaller life insurance amount.
  • Severy disability insurance amount will be equal to your chosen life insurance amount, unless otherwise agreed.
  • In case of an insured event, the insurer will pay insurance benefit equal to the balance credit, but in no event bigger than the life insurance amount.
  • The Service is offered to Swedbank mortgage holders, co-debtors or guarantors. They can sign separate agreements of Protected mortgage service. The total insurance amount may not exceed the mortgage amount.

If bigger life insurance amount is chosen, discounts apply on insurance premiums.

Premium depends on the chosen insurance amount:

Insurance amount* (EUR) Discount on monthly insurance premium
50 000 - 74 999.99 10%
75 000 - 99 999.99 15%
100 000 - ... 25%

* Insurance amount is calculated by adding together your chosen life insurance amounts in all signed insurance agreements: Protected mortgage, Family income cover, and Family income cover plus.

Illness and unemployment cover

  • If you have a mortgage, Illness and unemployment cover will mitigate your financial burden in case of losing capacity for work due to illness, accident or in case of job loss.
  • Until you are back to employment (in case of illness – until you recover, in case of job loss – until you find a new job), Swedbank P&C Insurance AS, Lithuanian Branch will pay you monthly insurance benefits in the amount of mortgage contribution, for the maximum period of 12 months.

Illness and unemployment cover is non-life insurance service provided by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS, Lithuanian Branch via its representative Swedbank, AB.

  • Agreement can be cancelled at any time without incurring any additional charges for agreement cancellation;
  • Protected mortgage and Illness and unemployment cover is risk insurance designed to ensure financial protection in case of misfortune. Your paid insurance premiums are not intended for investment or accumulation, therefore upon the expiry or cancellation of the agreement, no benefits are paid
  • Prior to signing the agreement, please read:
  1. Complete the needs questionnaire;
  2. Complete Protected mortgage application for signing an agreement;
  3. Answer the questions in the Insured questionnaire. Your insurance risk will be assessed on the basis of the data provided in the questionnaire;
  4. After risk assessment, confirm signing the agreement;
  5. Additionally, you can sign Illness and unemployment cover agreement;
  6. When signing Protected mortgage and Illness and unemployment cover agreements, consents of e-account with automatic payment will be sent to you. Upon choosing this payment method, monthly insurance premiums will be automatically debited from your account.

Protected mortgage

What the insured should know?

Inform your family so that in case of your death he/she (they) would know that you have life insurance agreement.

What family and representatives of the insured should know?

  • If you are Swedbank internet banking user, log on and fill in an application on internet banking;
  • If you are not Swedbank internet banking user, call on 1884 and arrange a meeting at the nearest Swedbank customer care branch.

Which documents should you bring?

When filling in an application for insurance benefit at the branch, you must have your ID document (passport or ID card) and documents certifying your right to insurance benefit:

  • In case of death

    • Original death certificate of the insured or its notarised copy.
    • Inheritance certificate, unless beneficiary is appointed in the agreement in case of death.
    • Event report, if drawn by employer or at the police, court decision.
    • Other documents certifying the event, if any.
  • In case of sever disability

    • Official documents issued by Disability and Capacity for Work Service of the Republic of Lithuania on recognition of the Severe disability of the Insured (30% or less capacity for work, continuously lasting for 12 months or longer, containing information on the basis for Severe disability recognition, period and information about the loss of capacity for work: certificate, disability certificate and conclusion, a copy of the report on the assessment of capacity for work level (if additionally requested by the insurer).
    • Extracts from the medical history of the insured or their copies certified in accordance with the laws.
    • Extract from inpatient and/or outpatient medical institution certifying the fact of the Insured event, containing comprehensive description of the diagnosis and medical examination results certifying the diagnosis, on the basis of which the diagnosis was determined (if requested by the Insurer) or their copies certified according to the laws.
    • Investigation and/or court conclusion on the causes and circumstances of the accident (if requested by the Insurer).

Illness and unemployment cover

In case of illness, contact your doctor immediately, who will issue you electronic sickness certificate.

In case of loss of capacity for work, first of all register yourself as unemployed seeking for job in the Labour Exchange. Also, give an immediate notice to our staff about the event:

  • In Lithuania: call 1884. From abroad: +370 5 268 4444 (24/7)
  • Notify about the event by logging on to your internet banking
  • By email:

Fill in the event notice form and send it to the address specified on the form.

Procedure of examination of claims of the insurers, insured, beneficiaries and victim third parties and provision of replies to applicants.

Protected mortgage is life insurance service provided by Swedbank Life Insurance SE, Lithuanian Branch via its representative Swedbank, AB.

Illness and unemployment cover is non-life insurance service provided by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS, Lithuanian Branch via its representative Swedbank, AB.

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