Family income protection plus


The offer of the Fair of the Year for Family Income Protection Plus insurance

Take care of your family’s calm and financial welfare: conclude an agreement on Family Income Protection Plus and get a 25% discount on insurance contributions for a half-year!

This and more offers of the Fair of the Year stay valid until 18.02.2018.

  • In the event of your death (event insured) your loved ones will be financially protected;
  • In the event of a severe disability, the insurance cover will provide financial assistance so that you can retain the quality of life. The insurance cover is valid worldwide;
  • If you select a larger sum insured, a discount will be applied to insurance premiums.
Family Income Protection Plus is a life insurance service provided by Swedbank Life Insurance SE Lithuania Branch through its representative Swedbank, AB.


I‘m (Insured‘s age)
Sum insured

Total monthly payment for the selected age until next birthday: -EUR

Monthly premium for the life insurance cover: -EUR

Monthly premium for the severe disability insurance cover: -EUR

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Monthly payment

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About the Family Income Protection Plus service

  • We recommend you to choose a sum insured that covers your income of at least one year and any outstanding financial liabilities (e. g. leasing liability, loans etc.)
  • The smallest sum insured for life insurance is EUR 14,000
  • In the event of a severe disability, the sum insured will be equal to the sum insured selected by you for life insurance, unless otherwise agreed
  • The cover will take effect immediately upon signature of the contract
  • You will not have to worry about payment of insurance premiums: they can be debited automatically from the bank account on the date of the month specified by you
  • In case of occurrence of an event insured the insurer will pay the insurance indemnity to the beneficiary specified by you
  • You will be able to see and make amendments to the details of your contract in the online banking system

If you select a larger sum insured for life insurance, you will pay your monthly insurance premium at a discounted rate.

The size of the discount on the monthly premium rate depends on the selected sum insured for life insurance:

Amount of coverage*
From To Discount for monthly insurance premium
50 000 Eur 74 999,99 Eur 10%
75 000 Eur 99 999,99 Eur 15%
100 000 Eur 25%
* The sum insured is calculated by adding up the sums insured under all the insurance contracts concluded by you: Family Income Protection Plus, Family Income Protection and Secured Housing Loan.
  1. Complete the questionnaire so that your needs can be assessed.
  2. Complete the application for the contract for Family Income Protection Plus.
  3. Answer the questions in the Risk Assessment Questionnaire; this is required for risk assessment purposes.
  4. On completion of the risk assessment procedure, check the data entered and sign to confirm the entering into the contract.
  5. At conclusion of the contract for Family Income Protection Plus, a form of consent to an e-account for automatic debiting of payments will be presented to you. If you select this payment method, monthly insurance premiums will be paid by direct debit.

Family Income Protection Plus

Things to Know – the Policyholder

Tell your family members that you have concluded the contract for Family Income Protection Plus.

Things to Know – family or representatives of the Policyholder

  • If you are a user of Swedbank online banking system, please log in and complete anonline application.
  • If you are not using the Swedbank online banking system, please call 1884 and agree on a visit to the nearest Swedbank client service branch.

Required documents

Please bring with you the following documents when visiting the branch: a personal identification document (passport, driving licence (new version), personal identification card or copies of these documents approved according to a procedure prescribed by law) and documents evidencing the event and the entitlement to an insurance indemnity.

In the event of death

  • A death certificate or a notarially certified copy thereof
  • A certificate of the right of inheritance in case if no beneficiary is specified in the contract in the event of death
  • A statement of the event drawn up by the employer or the police and a court decision
  • Other documents evidencing the event, if any

In the event of severe liability

  • Official documents issued by the Service for the Establishment of Disability and Ability-for-Work, evidencing that a severe disability of the Policyholder has been established (ability-for-work 30% or lower, continuing for at least 12 months without interruption), stating the grounds for establishing the severe disability, the period and the information about the loss of the ability for work: a certificate, the Certificate of a Disabled Person, a conclusion, and a copy of the statement of assessment of the level of ability for work (at the insurer‘s request)
  • Copies of the medical records of the Policyholder, certified according to a procedure prescribed by law
  • A document issued by an outpatient and/or inpatient treatment establishments confirming the fact of occurrence of the event insured and containing a detailed description of the diagnosis and the results of medical examinations corroborating it (at the insurer‘s request), or copies thereof certified according to a procedure prescribed by law
  • Conclusions issued by an investigation body and/or the court on the causes and circumstances of the event (at the insurer‘s request)
  • The insurance indemnity will be paid no later than within 30 calendar days from the receipt of full information requested

If you have questions or need a consultation please call 1884 oremail us.

Procedure for the consideration of complaints filed by policyholders, insured persons, beneficiaries and injured third parties.

If you are not happy with our response, you can always approach the Supervision Service of the Bank of Lithuania. Address for correspondence: Žirmūnų g. 151, LT-09128 Vilnius. Detailed dispute settlement procedures are published on thewebsite of the Bank of Lithuania.

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