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GAM Euro Bond (formerly Julius Baer Euro Bond Fund), GAM Japan Equity (formerly Julius Baer Japan Equity Fund), GAM Absolute Return Emerging Bond (formerly Julius Baer Absolute Return Emerging Bond Fund), GAM Commodity EUR (formerly Julius Baer Commodity Fund EUR) and GAM Commodity USD (formerly Julius Baer Commodity Fund USD).
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  Fund name Currency Date NAV Short term returns   
  1 day 1 month 3 months 6 months YTD  
JPMF Global Focus Fund EUR 2017 07 20 27.91 0.00 -0.46% -0.92% +2.05% +2.95%
Medium term bonds EUR 2017 07 20 232.95 +0.21% -0.83% +0.33% +0.30% -0.39%
Short term bonds EUR 2017 07 20 169.43 -0.01% -0.14% -0.03% -0.15% -0.36%

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