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  3. You have filled in claim notification. This notification is initial information about insured event. In addition it is necessary to submit claim application. If you have already got the documents needed for applying for insurance benefit indicated in terms and conditions and according to insurance contract you have rights to apply for insurance benefit (for example, you are indicated as beneficiary in insurance contract, you are beneficiary's guardian (father, mother or any other person appointed by the orphans’ court or any other competent authority) in case if beneficiary is not full aged or you are legal successor in case of insured's death in credit life insurance), continue to register claim application. The documents needed for applying for insurance benefit you can send by e-mail to or submit at any Swedbank branch. If you have not yet got the documents needed for applying for insurance benefit indicated in terms and conditions, you can register claim application later in Swedbank internetbank (Insurance>Life insurance>My contracts>Claim application) or submit at any Swedbank branch. In case of any questions please contact insurer via phone 1884 or e-mail

By submitting a loss application to the insurance company, the applicant agrees to their data (incl. personal data and delicate personal data) being processed as customer data. The insurance company shall process the applicant’s data pursuant to the procedure for processing client data: the principles of processing client data in the Estonian companies of Swedbank. The applicant represents and warrants that they have reviewed said procedure and they are aware that the relevant procedure is available on the Internet at and in the insurer’s offices.

If you wish to submit any additional documents, photos, etc., pertaining to the loss event, please send them to the e-mail address, fax 888 2112 or by post to Liivalaia 12, 15039 Tallinn.

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