Who is eligible to become a user of the Investor?

Investor’s services are available to natural persons who have securities accounts opened with the Bank "Swedbank" and who have concluded the agreement on provision of electronic services.

To renew, or to enter into, a securities account administration agreement, you will have to visit the customer servicing outlet of the Bank “Swedbank". The list of outlets where you can enter into the agreements is provided here

You will be required to bring the document confirming your identity. If you are married, the sales of jointly owned equities will be possible only upon presentation of your spouse’s authorisation therefore, you will have to arrive at the customer servicing outlet with your spouse who must also bring the document confirming his (her) identity.

Where to find the prices of shares and to submit orders for purchase/sale of shares?

To find out the highest and the lowest purchasing prices as well as the closing price, select Stocks item from the side menu.

The system will automatically select the NASDAQ Vilnius Stock Exchange, however you can select another stock exchange.

To invest into foreign securities, select the required foreign stock exchange. Visit its host in the Internet and select the security you are interested in. Enter its full name, or part of it, into the search field Find equity. To acquire or sell the security, click on transaction options Buy or Sale in the right corner.

Select actions>B to submit an order for purchase of the selected share. An order to sell the selected share can be submitted by selecting actions>S on the right of the price table. An order can also be submitted by selecting Stock order .

How to complete correctly an order for purchase/sale of a share?

  • The selected share is displayed in the first line of the order;
  • Select the type of transaction: purchase or sale;
  • Specify the quantity and price;
  • Indicate the period of validity of the order;
  • Check the data;
  • Submit the order.

It should be noted that information about prices of securities of the Republic of Lithuania is provided with delay. Information to customers is furnished according to the Information Dissemination Agreement concluded between the Bank and the Public Company the NASDAQ Vilnius. Bank customers shall be entitled to use the information provided only for their own needs and may not deliver it to third persons. The Bank shall not be held liable for the accuracy and timeliness of information, or for customers’ losses incurred as a result of the use of supplied information.

Note regarding foreign securities. Information provided should not be deemed an offer to customers to purchase or sell securities. Customers agree that when using the information supplied by the Bank about mediation services rendered by the Bank in purchase and sale of foreign securities, they will take decisions on their own and the Bank will not be held liable for any losses suffered by the customer as a result of transactions with foreign securities effected by the customer. The Bank warns that since foreign securities, which may be acquired or sold by customers upon mediation of the Bank are not registered with the Securities Commission of the Republic of Lithuania, their issuers are not obliged to provide information to investors who are located in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, as required under legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, therefore, there is a risk that customers who have acquired these securities will not be timely informed about material events related with the issuers of these securities and with securities issued by them.

How to submit orders for purchase/sale Fund units?

Submission of orders for sale/purchase of Fund units is similar to that of orders for purchase/sale of shares. The only difference is that for this purpose the respective item Fund order should be selected from side menu.

In the event of any questions click on the question mark on the order form. You will be provided with more information here. If this information is still insufficient, send a query to the Bank by writing us or make a call in Vilnius (+370 5) 268 44 44. Specialists of the Bank are willing to help you.

Securities account balance and statements

By selecting the upper menu item Portfolio , you will see your securities portfolio.

To review the effected operations, that is to see orders and transactions that have not been completed yet, select Portfolio from the side menu.

To get a statement of the securities account for the selected period and to see balances of securities held by you, select Account statements from the side menu.

What other possibilities does the Investor provide to you?

  • You will get the news from securities markets of Lithuania and foreign states;
  • You will get acquainted with share analysis and macroeconomic reviews prepared by our analysts;
  • Detailed descriptions of market concepts are available in the glossary;
  • In the column of Taxes you will find taxes levied on investing activities.
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