Payment collection

No matter what’s your business, there will always be someone who wants to pay by card!

  • Increased sales: the customer will not have to refuse from buying all or part of the goods due to the lack of cash
  • Card payments are safer: lower risk of burglary, theft, fraud, false money and human error
  • Less cash: less worries and lower costs compared to the administration cash; effective crediting of money
  • Higher efficiency: more attention to the customer and other tasks rather than spending time on counting money and change.

By accepting card payments you will increase the efficiency of your business.

Special offer

Smart terminal

  • One time smart card reader acquisition fee EUR 104 (excluding VAT);
  • The commission fee on the amount of a purchase by payment card is 0.99 % + € 0.01 (regular fee: 1.49 % + € 0.01) per each transaction; *
  • Intended for small businesses and persons conducting individual business activities (soul proprietors);
  • Suitable in cases when there is no permanent service provision outlet and for movable seasonal or irregular trade;
  • Works with a smartphone or tablet which uses Android and iOS;
  • Very small and light, therefore, convenient to carry;
  • Recommended for up to 15 transactions per day as no monthly rental fees are applied;
  • Paperless – receipts are sent via email or by SMS;
  • Due to latest technologies employed, you will be able to safely accept payments by both conventional and contactless cards.

* To all types of cards, the indicated commission fees will be detailed when signing an agreement according to a more detailed segmentation of card groups as required by the applicable legal acts (such segmentation has no effect on the size of the commission fee).
The offer can be taken up by the customers who sign a new agreement on the provision of payment by card service till 30th September 2018 and for payments by cards for those who use the “Swedbank” smart card terminal. Discount on the commission fee is given as long as the signed agreement is in effect (the agreement is of indefinite duration).


Stationary terminal

  • Intended for small and medium-sized businesses doing sales or providing services;
  • Mostly suitable when having permanent trading places and when customers pay at the till;
  • Power supply and Internet access is required (can be either fixed or mobile Internet access);
  • Can be equipped with a pinpad for the convenience of both customers and the merchant;
  • Used when there is neither technical feasibility (simple cash register system) nor need to integrate card terminal to the cash register system;
  • In case of renting the card reader from Swedbank, it will be prepared for operation and installed at your outlet by Swedbank‘s partner;
  • A monthly terminal rental fee applies.


Portable terminal

  • Intended for merchants of various sizes;
  • Suitable in cases when there is no permanent service provision outlet and for movable trade;
  • More convenient for your customers: the customer can pay at the place of service (e. g. in cafes and restaurants, home delivery by courier) rather than at the till;
  • Equipped with battery, therefore, only mobile Internet is needed;
  • Can be used anywhere where mobile communications are operative;
  • In case of renting the terminal from Swedbank, we will provide it together with a mobile SIM card, and it will be prepared for operation and installed at your outlet by Swedbank‘s partner;
  • A monthly card terminal rental fee applies.


Integrated with electronic cash register system

  • Intended for merchants that service large numbers of customers, where there are queues and the sales outlet has many tills, i. e. speed of service is critical;
  • Suitable for businesses that use computerised cash register systems to which card terminals can be integrated;
  • Service time savings and reduced human error as the amount payable is transmitted directly from the cash register system to the card terminal and back;
  • A integrated terminal solution meeting your needs can be rented directly from one of the payments solution service providers

For more information about the integrated POS solutions please approach the service providers supplying the card terminals certified by Swedbank. Click here for the list of Swedbank‘s partners.

Merchant services for new businesses

There will always be customers who want to pay by card! Enable your customers to pay by card and increase your operational efficiency. Select the payment terminal that suits your needs.

Terminals rented from the bank*

  • No terminal rental fee for the first six months!
  • Service charge for each transaction**:

Payment cards issued by AB Swedbank – 0.85% + EUR 0.01;
Payment cards issued by other banks – 0.99% + EUR 0.01.

* Stationary and mobile payment terminals, except smartphone card terminals.

** When concluding the contract, said service charges will be itemised according to a more detailed breakdown of the card groups, as required by applicable law (this breakdown does not affect the size of the service charge).

This offer is valid for new companies that were registered in the Register of Legal Entities within the past 12 months.

This offer is of an informative nature and is not a commitment on behalf of the bank to provide a service. The bank shall only be obliged to provide the service upon concluding the relevant service contract under terms that are acceptable to the bank, and upon properly fulfilling all of the conditions for the provision of the service provided in the contract. 

You can read more about merchant services and payment terminals here.

Call us at 1633 and we will answer all of your questions and help you choose the right solution for your business model.


Payment cards servicing is a bank service enabling merchants to accept card payments for goods or services with the help of electronic card reader (card terminals).

Swedbank offers card payment service solutions for most business sectors depending on specific needs and types of activities.

  • Card payments can be accepted by any legal person or a natural person engaged in individual registered business or working under a business licence.
  • You don't need to conclude a long-term agreement if your activity is seasonal or You need to accept card payments only during an exhibition.
  • Why accepting card payments is beneficial for your business?

    Higher sales

    • Customers that are used to paying by card can be served;
    • Customers will not be limited by the amount of cash in a wallet and will not have to refuse from part or all the goods due to the lack of cash;
    • Customers satisfied with the service and convenient payment methods tend to come back;
    • Foreign tourists or Lithuanians returning from abroad tend to pay by card.

    Increased efficiency

    • Employees save time – more attention to the customer or other tasks rather than to counting money and change;
    • Cashless payments mean less worries about cash management and storage, no need to count change;
    • Effective transfer of funds: on receipt of information about a card payment, the funds will be transferred to your account with Swedbank in most cases on next working day.

    Card payments are safer

    • Fewer human errors (unintentional and/or intentional), lower losses;
    • Less cash in the till means lower risk of burglary, theft, fraud and false money.
  • How card payments work?

    • The seller enters the payment amount in the card terminal; the payer puts the card into the card reader and confirms payment by entering PIN (PIN might not be required for payment by Contactless card);
    • The card temrinal sends a request to the bank‘s authorisation centre, where the availability of money on the card is checked and the amount is reserved;
    • If authorisation is successful, the card terminal prints out a receipt, if unsuccessful – the card terminal prints out a receipt stating why the transaction was unsuccessful. The smart terminal does not print receipts; at the customer‘s request, they can be sent via email or by SMS. Receipts are not printed also in case of Contactless payment;
    • At the end of the working day, the card reader performs the closing of the working day and sends the data to the bank; the bank processes the data and normally transfers the money to the seller‘s account irrespectively of whether the money has been received from the bank that has issued the card.

    Pre-authorisation and manual entry functions can be provided to hotels and car rental businesses, which enables advance booking and payment for potential damage done by the client.

    If a card payment was made without the card holder‘s confirmation (authorisation) or the services acquired by the card payment are not actually provided to the customer, as well as in other cases established by international card organisations, then, if the card holder disputes the card payment, you may have to refund the amount received through that card payment to the card holder.

  • How to start using the service?

    In order to start accepting card payments you have to:

    • have an account with the bank;
    • complete the application;
    • conclude an agreement on the payment cards servicing with the bank;
    • conclude an agreement on the rent of the terminal (card reader) with the bank or to buy/rent a card reader from the service providers certified by the bank. Please click here for a detailed list.

    The service will be activated within 5 business days from the date of signature of the agreement (if the card terminal is rented from the bank, the client has communications and power inlets prepared).

  • What fees are charged for the card payment service?

    The following card payment related service fees are normally applied:

    • Commission fee on the authorisation of payment cards, checking the card payer‘s solvency, reservation and transfer of funds. The commission (fixed fee, if set, and a percentage of the amount of card payment) is set depending on the client‘s needs, type of business, and actual or projected card payment turnover;
    • Monthly card terminal rental fees or one-off fee for the acquisition and installation of the card terminal can be applied. You can rent a card terminal from the bank or another service provider whose solution has been certified by the bank. If renting a card reader from the bank is selected, a monthly rental fee applies. A customer for the rental fee gets a card terminal and the bank further undertakes to install terminal, provide technical maintenance services during the rent period, educate merchant employees on technical and use matters. If the client has bought a card reader, the rental fee will not apply.

    On completion of the application for the conclusion of service agreement you will receive all service related fees calculated for you by the bank‘s employee.

  • Why it is worth choosing card terminal offered by Swedbank?

    • We work with reliable partners that supply state-of-the-art electronic card readers and offer technical solutions tailored to your needs;
    • We can offer a uniform solution for companies operating in the Baltic States;
    • Card terminals operating by means of mobile communications are provided with the required mobile SIM cards so you do not need to worry about Internet access;
    • We will provide stickers and other point of sale materials informing your customers about the possibility to pay by card;
    • Our partners will take care of the card terminals maintenance or repairs, assist you on all technical matters, and train your staff in the use of the card terminal;
    • Accounting for payments accepted via the card terminal is simple and convenient: statements of accepted card payments will be provided, in pdf, xml or csv format files, on Swedbank‘s internet bank for business, or in xml format on Swedbank Gateway.

The latest Terms and Conditions of the Payment Card Servicing agreement and of Terminal Rental Agreement are available on the page Bank conditions.

In accordance with the Regulation, the Bank must provide merchants with the components of Commission fees, additionally specifying interchange fees and fees charged by International card organisations. Indicative values of these fees are available in this document, while exact values will be presented to merchants in the monthly point of sale and transaction based report (IFR report).

Instruction on Security Elements and Acceptance of Payments Cards forms an integral part of the service agreement. Please note that the Merchant, when accepting card based payments, undertakes an obligation to observe the latest version of the above-mentioned instruction, and must introduce it to his employees, to whom such information is relevant.

More information about the available reports (on accepted card payments) and its specification is available here.

For Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about card payments please click here.

Setting up a smart card terminal and user instructions

For the instructions for the setting up and use of Swedbank‘s smart terminal please click here.

In order to start using this service please make sure that you have:

  • Concluded with Swedbank a Payment Card Servicing agreement;
  • Acquired a smart terminal;
  • An appropriate smartphone or tablet (Android 4.1.1. or iOS 8 or later version) with Internet and Bluetooth connection;
  • Activated access to Swedbank internet bank and have the right to log in to the internet bank for business;
  • Installed the latest version of Swedbank App in your mobile device;
  • An email account for the receipt of copies of sales receipts and card payment reports as well as for sending them to your customers.

For more information about the use and maintenance of smart terminals please contact:

Hansab UAB
Telephone: +370 5 205 8822

Swedbank has been implementing a contactless payment technology in Lithuania, which has already been successfully functioning in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Spain, France, Poland and other countries.

How to use contactless payment cards

  • To be able to pay for a purchase by simply placing the card near the terminal or pinpad, both the payment terminal and the card must be equipped with the contactless technology. Using a card with a PIN remains mandatory when paying larger amounts.
  • No signing of receipts.
  • No printing of receipts (unless requested by the buyer)
  • No entering of PIN (in some cases the terminal may request a PIN for security reasons).
  • Contactless cards may be used for payments of up to EUR 25
  • Contactless payment cards are highly secure:

    • Touch the card against the contactless terminal as closely as possible in order to avoid accidental payments. It is impossible to make two identical payments at the same time;
    • Entering PIN is required when the amount payable exceeds EUR 25. In some cases the terminal may request to enter PIN in order to verify the cardholder‘s identity.
    Why you should use a contactless card? The benefits
    2x faster than entering PIN
    3x faster than paying in cash
    Faster customer service.
    Payments using contactless cards have the same protection as chip payments. The card user may switch the card‘s contactless function on and off. The volume of cash payments (in particular, pay¬ments of small amounts) is reduced.
    Contactless payments are used by 73 % of consumers in Europe.
    Swedbank will start a mass issue of cards with the contactless function this autumn.
    This is a novelty that will be appreciated by your customers, in particular those who prefer conve¬nient payment methods and like innovation.
  • Implementation

    Swedbank has been upgrading the current POS terminals and preparing them for contactless payments as of summer 2016.

    New POS terminals rented by the bank are now ready for the contactless payment technology.

    Swedbank has started mass release of contactless payment cards as of autumn 2016.

    All card terminals accept contactless payments (01.01.2020). **

    ** According to the requirements of the international payment card organizations, all payment card acceptance devi¬ces must have the contactless payment option from 01.01.2020.

  • Information for merchants

    A. If your company rents card terminals from Swedbank, the bank will gradually adapt them to the contactless technology. Old terminals will be replaced with new ones if necessary.

    B. If your company rents card terminals from another service provider, you have to approach your service provider for the implementation of the technology.

    We can offer your customers the fastest card payment method!

    For more information please call 1633 (on working days 8:00 – 18:00),
    write or visit

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