From now on you will not have to enter your personal number every time you log in to the Internet Bank.
Do not enter PIN codes to the Smart-ID app when not using any electronic services.

Keep your ID tools secure: don’t write them down, but instead memorize them, don’t disclose them to anybody and keep personal devices secure. If you have lost them or suspect that somebody has taken them or you have noticed suspicious operations, please contact us immediately. Call us 1884 24/7 (from abroad: +370 5 268 4444). Please follow other
safety recommendations.

Better spend time in a sport club rather than managing membership bills

Enjoy your hobbies, while your bills are settled automatically.

  • Bank is Always with You

    Check your bank account balance and transfer small amounts using Swedbank‘s app without any codes. If you need to log in, use Smart-ID.

    Download and start using
  • Pay all your taxes in a one place

    The Internet Bank offers a simple and convenient way to pay for public utilities, declare your meter records, pay for the Internet, sports club or children’s clubs. There is no extra charge for payment of the bills if you have a Service Plan!

    Find out more
  • It’s worth to take small loan in a smart way!

    • Fill in an application via internet bank or “Swedbank” APP;
    • enter code 2018 in the box "Discount code”;
    • the small loan agreement administration fee will be 0 EUR!

    This offer is valid for applications taken in the period 19.02.-11.03.2018.

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