Financial and operational lease endings

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  • Constantly updated and renewed special partners’ offers.
  • Quick and convenient signing of a leasing contract in the Internet Bank.
  • The leasing interest rate for new cars from 2.19% + 6-month Euribor (not less than 0%).
This offer is not an obligation by Swedbank lizingas, UAB to grant financing – such an obligation will arise only having evaluated the documents provided by the applicant, made a favourable decision and concluded respective agreements.

On expiry of the term of your financial lease agreement you may:

  • Pay all the amounts payable under the agreement and become the owner of the property;
  • In the case of financial lease with residual value agreement, you may apply for the extension of the agreement on the terms and conditions acceptable to both parties.

On expiry of the term of the leasing agreement and upon payment of all the purchase instalments and other amounts during the financial lease agreement, you will become the owner of the leased property. If the property is subject to registration, “Swedbank lizingas” will send you a statement of expiry of lease agreement in duplicate, a copy for you and a copy for the relevant register institution by registered post. You can also receive this document by visiting a customer service branch of “Swedbank lizingas”. If the property is not a subject to registration, you will receive the statement of expiry of the lease agreement upon fillling of an application.

If your agreement is a financial lease agreement with residual value, you may apply for its extension. In such case you are obliged to cover the residual value within an additional period. Please write us to for the extension of the agreement no later than one month prior to expiry date, specifying the term for which you want to extend the agreement. If we will not receive your notice within the said term we will deem that you intend to end the agreement by paying all the instalments (including the residual value) according to the current schedule.

If you have questions concerning the expiry of your agreement, please write us to or call at 1633.

Information regarding potential risks

Improper fulfilment of your financial obligations increases your funding costs and can negatively affect your credit history; moreover, if the agreement is terminated due to a material violation on your side, forced debt recovery may be launched and in case of financial lease agreement you may lose your ownership right to the pledged property.