Balance in mobile 1884

Call on your mobile phone, listen to the menu and then press “1” to find out you account balance in euro.

  • You can call 24 hours and also from abroad (ph. + 370 5 268 4444).
  • This service is available to natural persons who use the services of “Bitė Lietuva”, “Telia Lietuva” or “Tele2” mobile telecommunication service.
  • You can choose which account balance information you wish to receive.
  • It is important that you keep your SIM card safe so as to prevent any third persons from using the card and (or) your mobile phone number.
  • If you think that there is a threat that your SIM card and (or) your mobile phone number can be accessed by third persons or if you have lost your SIM card (or) your mobile phone you should immediately submit to “Swedbank”, AB an application to terminate the Agreement on the Service of “Balance in Mobile”. You can do that:

    • In Internet bank.
    • By phone 1884 (+370 5 268 4444 calling from abroad) on business days at 8.00-20.00 and on Saturdays at 9.00-16.00.
    • At any branch of “Swedbank”.
  • If you change your mobile phone number or terminate your agreement with the provider of mobile telecommunications services, do not forget to terminate immediately the existing and conclude a new Agreement on the Service of “Balance in Mobile”!
  • If you want to protect your account information even more, you can choose the notification limit of your account.
  • When using the service “Balance in Mobile”, you just have to call 1884 at any time of the day from your mobile phone and an automatic receiver will notify you about your account balance in euro.
  • If you have several accounts in “Swedbank”, the information will be provided about the account specified in the service contract.
  • When concluding the agreement you can specify the notification limit – in such:

    • if the account balance does not exceed the notification limit you will be notified about the exact balance;
    • if the account balance is equal to the notification limit you will be notified as follows: “Account balance is equal to the notification limit”;
    • if the account balance exceeds the notification limit you will be notified as follows: “Account balance exceeds the notification limit.”
  • Please, get acquainted with Service terms and conditions (PDF).
  • Service fee is 0.00 EUR. All you have to do is to pay the fees for calls to this number charged by your mobile telecommunications operator.
  1. Please get acquainted with “Balance in Mobile” contract terms and conditions in the internet bank and choose “Agree”.
  2. Please check the mobile phone number specified in the contract conclusion form or enter a different number which will be used for calling the bank in order to receive the service.
  3. If you wish you can specify a maximum notification sum.
  4. After pressing “Send authorisation code” a notification will be sent to your mobile phone.
  5. Wait until you receive the notification, enter the authorisation code and press “Activate Service”.

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