"Swedbank" Pension Plus

Accumulate funds for your additional pension independently and manage the agreement by yourself

  • You are free to choose from or change one of four investment directions available.
  • You can have some savings disbursed to you without cancelling the agreement.
  • Swedbank Pension Plus is an investment life insurance service designed for those who want to accumulate funds for their pension independently. The service is provided by Swedbank Life Insurance SE, Lithuanian Branch via its agent Swedbank, AB.
  • By making regular contributions, by the age of retirement you can save sufficient money for a more comfortable life. Besides, whatever you save under the Swedbank Pension Plus agreement will belong to you. In case of your death, the saved amount will be paid to your heirs or to the beneficiaries named in the insurance agreement.
  • You can choose one of four investment directions, depending on your tolerance to investment risks.
  • Paying premiums is convenient and easy – they can be automatically debited from your e-account once a month on your chosen day. You are free to determine the amount of a premium to increase or reduce it according to your financial situation or to pay any additional premium.
  • The State encourages this saving method and applies tax rebates for accumulative life insurance premiums. Therefore, every year you will be able to benefit from the rebate on the income tax of individuals, and recover up to 15 % of the total premiums paid.* The maximum amount of the tax premiums paid per year from which the tax payer can recover 15 % is EUR 2,000.

    More information here.

    * i.e. premiums according to accumulative life insurance contracts, to pension funds, associations of participants of occupational retirement funds, and/or analogous entities operating in a State of the European Economic Area.

"Euro bonds direction" - low risk investment direction for the purpose of property gain in the long-term by investing funds into debt securities. The most of funds is invested into state- or company-issued bonds, which are highly rated by reliable rating agencies. Euro, the investment currency, helps protecting against possible risk of currency exchange rate fluctuation.

"Pension 1 Plus" – a low-risk investment direction, designed to achieve the highest earnings, however slight short-term cost fluctuations are possible. About 70% of your accumulated funds are invested in the government securities (bonds) of the EU countries, and only about 30% in equities.

"Pension 2 Plus" – a medium risk investment direction with greater potential earnings, however slight short-term investment cost fluctuations are possible. About 60% of your accumulated funds are invested in equities, and about 40% - the government securities (bonds) of the EU countries.

"Pension 3 Plus" - a high risk investment direction, designed for those seeking to achieve maximum profits and who understands that due to investing in equities the large short-term fluctuations are possible. All 100% of your accumulated funds are invested in equities.

  1. Log on to your Swedbank internet banking account.
  2. Complete the questionnaires on the needs and investor of non-complex financial instruments.
  3. Complete the Swedbank Pension Plus application for signing an agreement;
  4. Having checked the filled in details, confirm the conclusion of the agreement;
  5. When signing Swedbank Pension Plus agreement, at the same time a consent of the e-account with automatic payment will be given. Upon choosing this mode of payment, monthly insurance premiums will be automatically debited.

If you have any questions regarding signing the agreement on internet bank, please call us on 1884. Our Consultation Centre experts will be happy to help you and answer your questions.

  • The accumulated amount will be disbursed to you upon the expiry of the Swedbank Pension Plus agreement.
  • Before the expiry of the Swedbank Pension Plus agreement, you have to submit an application for insurance benefit disbursement. You can do it on internet banking or by calling 1884 and arranging the meeting at your chosen Swedbank branch. When filling in an application at a bank division, you must have your identity document – passport or identity card with you.
  • Funds accumulated in the Swedbank Pension Plus are your property. In case of your death, the saved amount will be paid to your heirs or to the beneficiaries named in the insurance agreement.

If you have any question or hesitation regarding your insurance agreement or disbursement of accumulated savings, you are kindly invited to call us 1884, send us an email info@swedbank.lt or visit the nearest „Swedbank” branch.

You will find information about the procedure of claim settlement and answers to the applicants' questions.

In case of any doubt in our answer, you always have the right to apply to the Supervision Service of the Bank of Lithuania: correspondence address: Žirmūnų g. 151, LT-09128 Vilnius The description of the detailed procedure of dispute settlement is available on the website of the Bank of Lithuania.

Swedbank Pension Plus is an investment life insurance service where investment risk is assumed by the policyholder Investment value can either rise or drop, i.e. yields of investments are not guaranteed, the benefit amount is not known in the end of the validity term of the insurance agreement, and you may receive less money than you invested and the losses caused by investment risk are incurred by the client. . Past results do not guarantee future results, the bigger the proportion of investments into shares the higher the risk.

The information provided may not be treated as the insurer's recommendation to choose this specific service, you bear responsibility for your choices, therefore, before making a decision to sign investment life insurance agreement, you should read the comprehensive information provided in the insurance regulations, descriptions of investment directions and other information that is available on www.swedbank.lt.

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