„Swedbank“ Pension

Start saving for your future now – conclude pension accumulation agreement on internet bank and get higher retirement income.

The “Swedbank” pension is the first step towards your higher pension.

  • The earlier you start accumulating for the retirement, the more you will save.
  • Accumulated amount is invested, therefore, it is likely that you will get a return on investment and accumulate more than you will pay.
  • Accumulated money is your personal possession, it is inherited.

We recommend selecting “Swedbank” pension fund based on your age

  • The younger you are the fund with the higher share number select. It is likely that you will be able to earn more.
  • Upon approaching retirement, select a fund with a lower share number, thus, you will preserve the accumulated amount.

  • Six “Swedbank” pension funds – a moderate solution for the entire accumulation period. It is important to accumulate money in a fund that is the most suitable for you based on your age.
  • Upon signing a new pension accumulation agreement, a contribution into your personal pension fund account shall be comprised of three parts:
    • A 2 percent base “Sodra“ contribution to be calculated from your wage;
    • A 2 percent additional contribution by you to be calculated from your wage;
    • A 2 percent additional incentive state contribution from the budget to be calculated from the average national wage.
  • Transfer of contributions to pension funds is administered by “Sodra“, therefore, you will not have to worry about that.
  • On “Swedbank” internet bank you will be able to:
    • change the selected pension fund during the whole accumulation period free of charge;
    • monitor the number of contributions transferred into your personal pension fund account and the amount accumulated in it;
    • see the selected pension accumulation fund and change it according to provided recommendations free of charge;
    • follow the pension fund yield results;
    • review the annual report on accumulated funds in your pension account.
  • Pension fund management company “Swedbank investicijų valdymas”, UAB together with company “Swedbank Robur Fonder”, AB operating in Sweden seek good fund results.
  • Funds being accumulated are recorded in your personal pension funds account, they are secure, because they are separated from assets of a company managing pension funds and are held in custody.

The pension accumulation service is provided by “Swedbank investicijų valdymas”, UAB through the representative “Swedbank”, AB.

  • After the conclusion of “Swedbank”, pension accumulation agreement you shall not be able to terminate it, except for a second-pillar pension accumulation agreement concluded for the first time, which you have the right to unilaterally terminate within 30 calendar days following its conclusion upon a written notice presented to the pension accumulation company.
  • For persons involved in the pension accumulation system, the state social insurance retirement pension shall be reduced proportionately in accordance with the procedures of law.
  • If you selected accumulation by contributing with your own money, as of 1 January 2016, your additional contribution (2 percent of your earnings), which will be transferred to your personal pension funds account, shall be a portion of your income put aside for accumulation. Other contributions shall include basic contributions from “Sodra” and an incentive state contribution.
  • When accumulating money in pension funds, you take the investment risk and there is no guarantee that the investment value will increase. Past results do not guarantee future results.
  • Administration fees shall apply for pension accumulation.
  • The right to receive a pension payout shall be granted upon reaching the retirement age or if you are awarded early state social insurance retirement pension. If your accumulated amount exceeds the established limit, you will be required to acquire a pension annuity (regular pension payout for life).

Further information may be found in pension fund rules.

  1. Login to the Internet bank.
  2. Press the button “Conclude contract”.
  3. Confirm the conclusion of the agreement.

The right to receive a pension payout shall be granted to you upon reaching the retirement age or if you are awarded early state social insurance retirement pension. Retirement age for woman is 62 years 4 month of age and for man 63 years and 8 months of age in 2018. The retirement age calculator can be found here.

Pension benefits may be paid in the following ways:

In accordance with current legislation, the acquisition of a pension annuity for the entire accumulated amount shall be mandatory if the accumulated amount reaches: EUR 17,107.06 for a 62 year-old person and EUR 16,523.67 for a 63 year-old person. A mandatory annuity limit decreases with increasing age. If the accumulated amount of a 62 year-old person exceeded the amount of EUR 102,642.35, the amount that exceeds specified amount might be paid out in a one-off payment.

Further information about pension payments is published at http://www.lb.lt

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